Friday, March 6, 2015


Wednesday morning we received a phone call from Italy! Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, we weren't home. Unfortunately because we didn't get to talk to the nice elder, assigned to the mission office, on the other end of the line, and fortunately because the answering machine took the call, and now we have the one-sided conversation recorded for posterity!  

It is exciting to get a phone call from someone in another country who knows and is excited to share the whereabouts of your sweet daughter. 

Here is what he shared with us:
1.  Sorella Dixon arrived in Italy safe and sound!
2.  She proselyted a lot that day and met and received instructions from her mission president.
3.  She had dinner.
4.  She met her trainer and was assigned her first area.
5.  We will hear from her on Wednesday, March 11--her
6.  She will be serving in Milano!! In one of the largest wards of the north half of the city.
7.  Her companion is from Utah, but he couldn't remember from what part.
8.  He thanked us for sharing her with the people of Italy and said she will be a great addition to the mission.

We are anxiously awaiting photos that will be posted on the mission's blog!! I may or may not check it 500 times a day!!
 In honor of Sorella Dixon's safe arrival, and because we miss her to the bone...and because the name seems to fit, I bought some cookies!! 

We will eat one or two for you, Sorella!!
Prayers and lots of love sent your way!!

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