Thursday, June 25, 2015

Life in Italy, Missionary Style!

Cari famiglia amici, 

We had a great week this week!
Nancy is doing GREAT! We had a few lessons with her and some members. It was kind of interesting with the members we had.... They tended to go off on random things and it wasn't really helping the lesson... So I learned to be careful with what members to invite to lessons. Sunday she came to church and I think it was better for her this time. People talked to her a little more and it was more familiar. She came at 10 though, instead of at 9, so she missed relief society. In July the ward will change to have sacrament meeting first, so hopefully she'll be able to come at 9 so she won't miss that. Sunday night we had a dinner with her, Mckenzie (her baby), and Nelson (her compagna) at Gladys and Giulia's house. It was So Much Fun! It reminded me off being with family! We were laughing so hard at some points. One time I mentioned that it was Father's Day in America so I said "รจ il giorno di papa in America oggi" but I accidentally accented the first a in papa instead of the second so in Italian it would mean pope.... But these people are all from Peru and apparently it means potato in Spanish! So they thought I said it was the day of potatoes in America! And we so happened to have potatoes in front of us on the table ready to be eaten! Haha whoops!

Nelson is super nice and  we want to start teaching him. I think he would like it. He has work all day everyday except weekends. We're going to see if we can teach him on the weekends. So yesterday we had the lesson about the law of chastity with Nancy. We need to set a baptismal date with her because she wants to get baptized and she's progressing so fast. So in order to do that we needed to talk to her about getting married. We had Sorella Boscia with us yesterday since her companion was in a training for new sister training leaders, and it was such a great lesson! We started talking about the gospel of Christ and when we got to baptism she asked us what were the rules of the members after they got baptized- like what they couldn't eat/drink etc. so that was the perfect entry to the importance of being married! We really bore testimony about prayer and following what God wants us to do-regarding if Nelson is the man she should marry. She accepts everything. She realizes now that how they're living isn't right and they need to get married. She even talked to Nelson yesterday about it, she told us when she came to FHE that night! They just need to get documents or something...... I'm not sure how difficult that will actually be... Apparently it's not super simple... But I know they will be blessed for it! 
I keep forgetting to take a picture with her, but hopefully next time I can send one so you can see her and her cute baby!! 

Last week we saw Anita in the hospital a couple of times. The Anziani came and gave her a blessing since she has an infection and has been in a lot of pain. We come and listen to her since she's in her room alone pretty much all day. And then we distract her by singing and we've also started reading the Book of Mormon to her since she gets dizzy when she tries to read. She loves it. 

Elda keeps us hopping, but then she also does stuff that brings miracles! For example we saw her Saturday, but it was only for a little bit since she needed to shower and we weren't going to stay there and wait for her to shower... But we asked if she was going to come to church on Sunday and she said yes, for sure. So we called a member to have them give her a ride. The next morning we called Elda so many times to remind her (or wake her up) about church. She didn't answer for When she finally did she said she didn't think she could come. So we called the member. Then during relief society we get about 6 calls from Elda, so we go out and call her and she says she wants to come but the bus doesn't come as often on Sundays. We told her no one could give her a ride since they were already at church and it had already started... So she said she'll come next week. So we finish relief society and Sunday school and we're in sacrament meeting and a guy comes up to me saying there's someone outside asking for Dixon. I couldn't even think of who would be asking specifically for me. So I go out there and it's Elda! Uh what?! Apparently she called a friend who knew someone who gave her a ride! I still don't really understand! I had no idea who he was and I don't think she had even met him before! It was a miracle! And she came just in time to hear Sorella Griffin speak! We were able to introduce her to the member who could give her rides so now hopefully they'll be able to work things out between them and we don't have to be in the middle of it! And hopefully Elda will come to church more often now! 

Sunday was a great time after church. Sorella Griffin and I talked to soooo many people after sacrament meeting! It's the best time to set up times to visit members and introduce people to investigators. We also got to talk to all the people some members brought to church! So many members brought friends this week! It was great! One was a lady from Sicilia who had just lost her husband two years ago. In gospel principles the lesson was on the plan of salvation and she started crying when they were talking about life after death. I know she felt the spirit and it was exactly what she needed to hear. 

We had 2 kind of interesting experiences this week... One was a lady who just randomly called us one day asking if we were the sister missionaries. Apparently she had talked to us a couple months ago. We found out later it was probably Sorella Nedelkov who she talked to. We said we were different sisters but were still sister missionaries who lived by Uruguay. So we set up a time to meet her. She was really nice and we had no idea why she called us. Well.... We met her at the park and we're having a really good conversation with her then she told us that she was having problems with her husband and was looking for a new place to live... And asked us if she could live with us! She said we were good people and she would like to share an apartment, so at least we left a good impression on her... But... we can't do that. That was the only reason why she called us. We bore our testimonies to her and talked about how much this gospel blesses people's lives because she also told us she was looking for happiness. But she wasn't too interested in the church right now. I'm pretty sure she'll see missionaries again some day though and then will be ready!

The other experience was a man named Chris. He's from Nigeria and we teach him in English. Sorella Griffin met him the day that we had the two other Sorelle with us and we split up. We taught him last Thursday and Monday at the park. And they were really good lessons! He was asking great questions and said that he liked how he felt when he met with us. He doesn't have a job and is searching for one. So life is hard right now for him and his wife. Well yesterday he texted us asking for money..... We said we could not give him money but maybe we could help him with something if he came to the church and we talked to some of our leaders. He came last night and they had quite the long conversation. In the end they said they could give him a package with food and clothes for him and his wife. Everything was pretty stressful. We don't know how sincere he was in the lessons. Or if he just met with us so he could get money. I'm pretty sure he was (at least mostly) honest about not having a job and really needing things. We also found out he's not even in our area... So I don't know how he got to the park every time.. It was a bummer. We're passing him to the Anziani in his area so hopefully they can continue with him. 

Friday I tried probably the best bread ever! We just randomly decided to try it from a market and we were lucky! :) Today we got to go to Como again. So beautiful! I love Como! Life is so great here in Milano!

A quote that I liked this week: "Like the tiny miracle of fireflies, light goes unappreciated without a dark backdrop." That can be applied to receiving revelation. Also sometimes we have to experience opposition to appreciate the good times. Or we have to experience what we don't want to really recognize what we do want. 

Have a great week! 
Vi voglio bene! 
Sorella Dixon :)

These photos are from last week's train ride to Switzerland!!

Lake at Laguno, Switzerland

Walkway to the church built in the 1400's!

That's one awesome train!

And what American girl doesn't leave Switzerland
 without a supply of Swiss chocolate?!!
Her words to caption the photo:
"Swiss Chocolate! is delicious. probably the best chocolate ever."

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

"A Person's Whole Life is Being Changed Because of Your Prayers"

Cari tutti!
Right now I'm on a train ride to Lugano, Switzerland. And since I have an iPad I can write this email! Right now I'm passing a lake with beautiful mountains! I can't even believe I'm here right now. It's really a dream. Hopefully I'll be able to send pictures of Switzerland this week. If not, then for sure next week! So Lugano is in our area but we're not allowed to serve there as Americans. Only Europeans can serve here, I think.

This week was full of ups and downs. Mostly ups. The downs were more personal. I felt like I couldn't teach very well because each lesson we had Sorella Griffin knew exactly what to say, and it was so powerful, and I didn't feel like I was contributing that well. But after I really prayed for help in teaching, following the spirit, and not worrying about myself the lessons went better. We were able to switch off and really teach with the spirit. When I was thinking about myself and worrying about what I wasn't saying it was harder to teach and even speak Italian. But when I focused on the person, really listened, and tried to follow the spirit the words just came and I could speak Italian better. 

We had amazing lessons with Nancy. She's the lady who came from Peru who we talked to on the metro last Tuesday, and she asked US if she could meet with us. She has the cutest baby named McKenzie who is ALWAYS happy and so calm! She's not even a year yet but I'm pretty sure she likes to sit there in her stroller and listen to us :) We had a lesson with Nancy Thursday at the park and taught her the restoration. At the end we asked her to pray and she gave a beautiful simple prayer where she thanked God for sending us to her to teach her the truth and said that she wanted to get baptized. SHE was telling Heavenly Father that! 

Then on Saturday we had another lesson with her at the park where we talked about the Book of Mormon more. She said she has been praying,and when we asked her if she believed Joseph Smith was a true prophet she pretty much said, "well ya, of course!" When we taught her about the Book of Mormon and Bible being like two nails in a board it clicked for her and she's starting to understand that there's only one church that contains the fullness of the gospel. 

Sunday she came to church! I think it was a little awkward at first because no one really talked to her.... So after I was finished playing postlude, I walked around and told people to go say Hi to her. Luckily they did. One was Patricia, the member from Ecuador. And they just clicked! Patricia said she wants to come to lessons with her and they got each other's numbers. Then Patricia and her husband gave her a ride home because it was raining. Perfect!!

Yesterday (Tuesday) we had another lesson with her, this time in her house, and got to meet a couple of her friends and family members. We haven't met her compagna yet because he's always at work. In this lesson we asked her how she felt as she prayed and read and she said she always felt peace and a warm feeling in her heart. She told us she thinks she feels like that because "sto trovando la verita" or "I'm finding the truth". It was in that lesson that we found out that she had actually studied with the Jehovah witnesses before but didn't ever feel anything and so she stopped. It was kind of ironic because after the first time we talked with her and she told us that she wanted to join a church we were both thinking how it's a good thing she found us before the Jehovah witnesses so she just didn't join theirs. But really she had already tried them. She was really looking for the truth!

I'm so amazed with her at every lesson. She understands and really wants to understand. I'm amazed at how much she actually teaches herself. We mentioned the sacrament and baptism and she already knows how important it Is to come to church every Sunday and to keep the Sabbath day holy. I'm excited to keep teaching her! If you could define a "golden investigator" it would seriously be Nancy. I don't know how I'm so blessed to be able to teach her. I'm pretty sure part of it is from all the prayers from home. A person's whole life is being changed because of your prayers! And more too because she was talking about sharing it with her family and giving us her family's numbers who live in Peru as referrals. 

We had a cool miracle on Friday. We were going to visit the bishop's wife's sister who is less active because of health reasons, and to get to her house we need to take a train. So we got on the train, and I realized it was the WRONG one! But then someone across the way was looking at me, and when I looked at her she smiled and started waving. I didn't recognize her... I was quickly going through, in my head, members and people that we knew who would know us.... Then I realized that she wasn't a member or investigator but someone who I had talked to on the metro before! It was actually the day before the Anziano Bednar conference that I talked to her and a bunch of her family on the metro. A few weeks ago I saw them on the metro AGAIN as they were getting off, and they all recognized and waved as we were getting on so we didn't have a chance to talk to them. Well, this time I HAD to talk to them! She said how crazy it was that this was the third time that she had seen me because she NEVER sees the same people twice on the Mezzi. She said it must be a sign that she needs to read the stuff we gave her--we had given them pamphlets the first time we saw them and they hadn't read them yet. She didn't want to switch numbers on the metro... BUT I know they will see missionaries again! I just love how they were the ones who recognized us and waved to us! And it was all on the wrong train. We were late to our appointment, but it was all good :)

We are still working with Elda. We're trying to get her to see the positive things and be grateful. When we have actual lessons with her they are actually really good. She loved when we showed her the verses in the Bible and the Book of Mormon about "other sheep I have which are not of this fold". And we set a baptism date with her, so we'll see how that goes!
The rest of the week was full of visiting members, less actives, talking to people, and the usual missionary stuff! We've been having rain lately which has been super nice because then it's not as hot.

Life is good, I'm now on my way back from Switzerland. It was beautiful! We got to see the lake, go to a church from the 1400's, see the view from a great lookout point, just see the houses... no buildings, and of course, buy chocolate :) Sorella Griffin is convinced that she's going to live in Switzerland some day haha :)

"Me with just a little bit of Swiss chocolate"!
(I wonder if she will send some home.....?)

Well buona settimana tutti! 
Vi voglio un sacco di bene!

Sorella Dixon

This video was sent for Sorella Dixon's Grandpa and Grandma Warburton's 50th Wedding Anniversary!! Isn't technology just awesome?!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Uh. YA!! That's Why We're Here!

Ciao Tutti!

This week was so great! It was probably the hottest week I've had here
yet... but we saw lots of miracles!

So on Thursday we met with Graziella Romeo. She is a member
who lost her daughter a few years ago. We talked about courage. When
we called and set up an appointment with her Sorella Griffin
accidentally called the wrong Graziella in the phone book since she didn't
know who she was. The other Graziella called us back a little later
and we decided to set up a time to meet with her too since she's also
 less active! So on Friday we met with her and it was such an amazing
lesson! She's almost 20 years old and got baptized about 2 years ago.
She still has lots of questions and needs help building her
testimony, so we're going to meet with her more and help her! Miracle
with calling the wrong person on accident!
During the lesson she was asking why some people have to have such
hard trials and some people don't. A scripture came to my mind that I
read recently.

It's D&C 58:2-4:
2 For verily I say unto you, blessed is he that keepeth my
commandments, whether in life or in death; and he that is faithful in
tribulation, the reward of the same is greater in the kingdom of
3 Ye cannot behold with your natural eyes, for the present time, the
design of your God concerning those things which shall come hereafter,
and the glory which shall follow after much tribulation.
4 For after much tribulation come the blessings. Wherefore the day
cometh that ye shall be crowned with much glory; the hour is not yet,
but is nigh at hand.

As she was reading it I learned something new and was able to teach
her! Trials and difficulties are actually GIFTS from God because they
help us become so much better. We learn and grow from them. Like it
says, AFTER tribulation come the blessings. So those who don't have the
trials in their life maybe aren't ready or prepared for trials yet
because they aren't ready to grow and change to become more like

Saturday I tried Gorganzola cheese... I don't know why.. it doesn't
even look appetizing! Its cheese with mold in it! But Sorella Griffin
said I had to try it, so we made Gorganzola pasta and it actually
wasn't that bad :) Kind of interesting, but not horrible.
Saturday we also visited Nancy again and showed her the Restoration
video. She really liked it and said she's like Joseph Smith and wants
to know the truth. We're just working slowly with her since she's in
the hospital and can't focus very well. But she loves it when we come,
and we love visiting her! She is such a trooper and gets better
everyday! She has come so far since we first met her. She can now move
her leg up and down and is working on walking. She wants to get out of
the hospital so bad. We're still not sure when she'll get to come out.
Saturday night we met with the Ramos family. They are the family that
I sent a picture of a couple weeks ago. They are great members but the
two oldest are less active. This time when we met with them the oldest
daughter actually sat in the lesson with us! The first time I was
there she didn't even say hi, the second time she said hi, the 3rd time
we actually talked with her for quite awhile after the lesson, and
this time she stayed in the lesson! Hopefully we can get her to come
to church now! Slowly slowly :)

Sunday I felt like we should go try this passby. The bishopric always
gives the missionaries a sheet of paper with people's names and
addresses on it of people they don't know... there are that many less
active people in this ward. So we try to passby them when we can.
Usually they don't live there anymore, aren't even on the citofino, or
the building doesn't even exist! Its kind of weird...
So this one was in Bareggio, a little paesino outside of Milan. We
have to take the metro to a stop, then a bus outside of Milan. So we
get to the metro stop and are waiting for the bus when I realize that
we forgot to check the address again! We checked it on the iPad the
day earlier but now we didn't have wifi. I was worried I wouldn't be
able to load it and we'd have to go back... But when I pulled out my
iPad it was aleady up and the map was still loaded how I had it! Thank
goodness! (Miracle!) So the bus came and Sorella Griffin helped this
lady put her stroller on it. I saw the lady and realized it was
Marina!!! The lady who we taught a couple weeks ago who can never meet
with us because she's a Bidante! (Miracle!!) We got to talk with her
the whole bus ride! It was so great! I really hope we, or at least
missionaries later, will get to meet with her when she's not so busy,
because she's so great! Then we got to the passby without any problems
and guess what? The house was actually there! AND the name was on the
citofino!! AND the lady answered!! She didn't let us in, but now we
know where she lives so we'll try her again! She kind of lives by Elda
so we'll just try her when we go see Elda sometime! Another
miracle---we always made it to the bus stops at the perfect time so we
didn't have to wait forever. Because usually they don't come as often
on Sundays. :)

Monday there was consiglio with the Zone leaders and Sister Training
leaders at the church at Lampugano, so we got to have 2 sisters with
us for the day who are companions of 2 of the STL's but aren't STL's
themselves (they were in their 2nd and 3rd transfers) one was Sorella
Insalaco from my MTC district!!! So she and I went to a lesson
together and Sorella Griffin and the other Sorella, Sorella Jones,
went and worked together! It was neat working with someone I knew
before! And that day we did great finding work and had great lessons
with people!
That night we also saw Elda. On the bus ride there we started talking
to a guy, and I just thought to ask him what was the most important
thing in life for him. He really liked that question actually. He kept
saying it was a good question. We talked a little about the plan of
salvation with him and gave him a pamphlet. Hopefully this gets him
thinking more and one day he'll see the missionaries again. I love it
when questions come to my mind that I know are JUST for that person.
What they need at that moment. They are definitely inspired questions
from the spirit!
With Elda we had pizza and Italian ice with her :) She wanted to get
out of the house since she had been inside all day. She is so amazing.
She doesn't let her leg problem stop her from anything. She is a great
example of strength and endurance. She wasn't able to come to church
last sunday.... but HOPEFULLY this Sunday she can. She is reading the
Book of Mormon, but she says she doesn't really remember what she
reads. She still calls us a ton, a lot of times to complain about
stuff.... so we're trying to help her see the blessings in life.

Tuesday we had so many miracles! We spent the morning calling less
active members we didn't know and ex investigators and we talked to
this girl named Stefany who was really progressing in 2011 but then
stopped meeting with the missionaries becuase she wanted to focus on
school, but we called and she was more than happy to meet with us! So
we have a lesson with her on Friday.  Hopefully that will go well.
Later we went to the hospital to visit Nancy. When we got there she
was sleeping. We didn't want to disturb her especially since she's had
such a hard time getting sleep lately. As we were in the hall
discussing what to do we see a lady in the room next to hers just
sitting in there alone. We decided to go in and talk to her and cheer
her up a little. We started talking to her and ended up sharing the Perche
Egli Vive video and she really liked it! Her name was Daniella and
hopefully we'll get to talk to her again when we go back to visit
Then on the way back from the hospital we talked to a lady who had a
cute baby in a stroller. Her name was Nancy and she's from Peru. We
said we were missionaries and then SHE asked US if we could teach her
about our religion because she's been searching for a religion and
feels it's important to be a part of a church. Uh, YA!! That's why
we're here! We set up a time for Thursday and she confirmed with us
about 3 times to make sure she had the time and place right. Wow! I'm
pretty excited to teach her :)
THEN on the next metro we start talking to this girl, I just said I
liked her watch, and she sees we're missionaries and says how she has
seen a lot of us before and has always wondered who we were. We
offered to teach her more about our religion and she was totally
Later that day we were waiting for the metro when a guy walked down
the stairs wearing cowboy boots and carrying a guitar. Cowboys boots?
In Italy?! That never happens here! So of course I had to talk to him!
;) It turns out he spoke English really well. He was telling us how he
writes songs in Italian and English. He performs at night and teaches
guitar during the day. We told him we teach an english course and said
if he ever wanted to practice English he could come. He actually
seemed interested, so we'll see if he comes.
Needless to day, yesterday was a great day :D I just love talking to
people!! And my language is definitely improving! So it's getting
easier to talk to people, too!
Well, hopefully this week is filled with even more miracles! I hope there are Miracles
in your lives, too!!

Love you all!
Vi voglio bene!
Sorella Dixon

The smile is real...
REAL Italian Pizza!!!
"This is a pizzeria! I got pictures of the actual wood oven and the guy taking the pizza out! Delish! :D
Italians don't use a pizza cutter to cut pizza. They use scissors! Or just rip it! 
And the crust is so thin they usually fold the piece of pizza to eat it."

The Duomo.

"We actually went inside it last P-Day!"

"Going down to the baptistery..."
"They used to have a font"
"Just shows how things changed over time."

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I Love Lampugnano!

Cari tutti!
This week I got my new companion! Her name is Sorella Griffin. She is
from South Jordan, Utah. This is her 7th transfer, so she's one
transfer behind Sorella Nedelkov. She is so great! She has served in
Pisa and Genova and is now in Milano! She likes to do art and actually
studied that at college before coming on a mission. She is really good
at talking to people and I've already learned a ton from her about
finding. She speaks Italian really well and this transfer we're going
to really try to SYL(speak your language) outside the apartment all the time!
So Thursday we went to the train station and I said goodbye to Sorella
Nedelkov and brought Sorella Griffin to Lampugnano! I asked her what
she thought when she got told she was going to Milano and she said she
was pretty surprised. Later I learned that she said she wanted to go
anywhere but Milano. That's what Sorella Nedelkov said too... Never say
that apparently or else you'll get called here! But it's a great place.
I absolutely LOVE it and I'm super excited to introduce Sorella
Griffin to people that I love here! and to show her the ropes with the
mezzi! Riding the metro is definitely a whole new experience!

Friday we had a lesson with Elda. It was pretty long because she LOVES
to talk... and it was Sorella Griffin's first time meeting her so they
were getting to know each other. The next day Elda called us probably
10 times throughout the day! She always had something else to say,
sometimes something to complain about. We couldn't answer most of her
calls because we had other stuff to do... It's funny, some days she
calls us a ton, other days not at all. She said she was going to come
to church this week and we set up a ride with a member. Then Sunday
morning came and the member called and said when they called Elda she
wasn't answering. So we tried to call her... with no response. We told
the member that they don't need to worry about picking her up because
she probably slept in. That's what happened. She called us about 15
minutes later and said she had just woken up. She still needed to eat
breakfast. And there was no way for her to get to church, even just
sacrament meeting because the bus came too late and she can't drive. So
she didn't end up coming to church. That was a bummer. And then when we
tried to see her Sunday night she wasn't at home...

Saturday we visited a less active family, the Moreno's. Its a mom and
two daughters ages 15(ish) and 11. We had a really great lesson about
the importance of the sacrament and coming to church. This family
KNOWS why coming to church is important! They just don't come to
church because they don't want to get up so early... Sometimes the
girls want to come to church, but don't like to without their mom.
So...they didn't come on Sunday. We're going to try go to their house
Sunday mornings so they can come to church with us. They are such
great people! And they always participate great during lessons. We
just need them to come to church.

Saturday we also visited Nancy and Sorella Griffin got to meet her!
After we sang her a hymn she was telling us that when we come she can
feel something. Something different than when other people from other
religions come. In her room there's another lady who is in the
hospital and I guess she had two ladies come to visit
her. Nancy said that when other people speak and stuff she doesn't
feel the same as when we're there. She said we make her feel something
special and that we need to visit everyone in the hospital so they can
feel that same peace! We told her that it wasn't us, it was the Holy
Ghost. We are only servants of God there to help others feel that.
Later Saturday there was a Relief Society activity. It was a cake
contest and they learned how to dance! The guy who taught them a dance
just got baptized last August and he brought his parents and his
sister who aren't members to help teach. So I got to talk to his
sister a lot. She actually came to an activity a few weeks ago where
they performed a dance together that was so cute! So it was fun to get
to know her this time. It was  actually a really good activity with
lots of nonmembers there. And we got to talk to a lot of ward members.
I LOVE this ward! So Much!! It was so fun to actually be able to talk
to them. I felt like I could actually communicate with them! It was so
great to see everyone and know who they were. I'm so grateful I get to
stay in Lampugnano at least one more transfer!

Monday we had a Scambio with our STL's! Sorella Burt came here and
Sorella Griffin went to Navigli with Sorella Boscia. Sorella Burt is
from Riverton and is so cute! She was actually Sorella Nedelkov's
companion a few transfers ago! I loved working a day with her! We saw
so many miracles! Monday night we did an FHE with the Mosquiera family
and a few of their friends. Most were members but one was a nonmember.
She asked great questions and we're actually going to meet with her
again to explain the Book of Mormon a little more and bring her one in
Spanish since she's from Peru. This lesson was the first time we
actually used our iPads to teach. We showed a Mormon message and it
was so great because we were able to show it in Spanish! I love
technology! :) It was a good Scambio for Sorella Burt because I think
she needed a little break from Italian for a day. She's with Sorella
Boscia who is from Sicily and barely understands English so they do
everything in Italian. Which would be so amazing, and would really
help with the Italian, but it was probably kind of overwhelming at
first for a bit.

Tuesday was the first day we got lost! I was doing pretty well getting
us around places without getting lost! Well, we weren't lost, because I
knew exactly where we were, we just could NOT find this ladies house
we were trying to find. It turns out she lived in a COMPLETELY
different place than I thought.... so we had to take the bus back and
then the metro and another bus... It took about an hour and a half to
find it from when we started to go out.... whooops. But it all turned
out! Her name is Laura and she's blind. She got baptized about 5 years
ago and just wanted some pamphlets so she could give them to one of
her friends! She said her friend had been asking questions and she
wanted to explain with them. So that was super neat! She is such a
strong lady with so much faith. She told us about her life and some
other things she's had to go through, yet she is still happy and just
enjoys everyday!

These last few days I've been thinking a lot about prophets and
scriptures. We do a POPP everday, well actually 3 times a day, to our
companion. We teach a principle, ask a question, use a scripture, and
bear our testimony. Every couple days there's a specific one to do.
These last few days has been Amos 3:7 so we've been talking a lot
about prophets and secrets. Sorella Griffin mentioned one time how
there are different kingdoms of scripture study- Celestial,
Terrestial, and Telestial. Telestial is just maybe reading it.
Telestial is reading and getting a little out of it. But Celestial is
finding eternal truths and having a spiritual experience that we keep for ourselves.
 That is when we find the "secrets" of God. Everything is
already in the scriptures we just have to keep studying and searching 
them. I know I've learned a lot from the sciptures and prophets and
it's amazing how much more I keep learning about one specific thing
that I've studied before but didn't realize.

Well I hope your week is full of miracles! I know miracles happen
everyday if we search for them!

Vi Vogio Bene!
Sorella Dixon

Sorella Dixon with the cutest little girl-- at the ward activity.

Sorella Griffin and Sorella Dixon

A scout camp where Sorella Dixon attended a ward activity.