Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I Love Lampugnano!

Cari tutti!
This week I got my new companion! Her name is Sorella Griffin. She is
from South Jordan, Utah. This is her 7th transfer, so she's one
transfer behind Sorella Nedelkov. She is so great! She has served in
Pisa and Genova and is now in Milano! She likes to do art and actually
studied that at college before coming on a mission. She is really good
at talking to people and I've already learned a ton from her about
finding. She speaks Italian really well and this transfer we're going
to really try to SYL(speak your language) outside the apartment all the time!
So Thursday we went to the train station and I said goodbye to Sorella
Nedelkov and brought Sorella Griffin to Lampugnano! I asked her what
she thought when she got told she was going to Milano and she said she
was pretty surprised. Later I learned that she said she wanted to go
anywhere but Milano. That's what Sorella Nedelkov said too... Never say
that apparently or else you'll get called here! But it's a great place.
I absolutely LOVE it and I'm super excited to introduce Sorella
Griffin to people that I love here! and to show her the ropes with the
mezzi! Riding the metro is definitely a whole new experience!

Friday we had a lesson with Elda. It was pretty long because she LOVES
to talk... and it was Sorella Griffin's first time meeting her so they
were getting to know each other. The next day Elda called us probably
10 times throughout the day! She always had something else to say,
sometimes something to complain about. We couldn't answer most of her
calls because we had other stuff to do... It's funny, some days she
calls us a ton, other days not at all. She said she was going to come
to church this week and we set up a ride with a member. Then Sunday
morning came and the member called and said when they called Elda she
wasn't answering. So we tried to call her... with no response. We told
the member that they don't need to worry about picking her up because
she probably slept in. That's what happened. She called us about 15
minutes later and said she had just woken up. She still needed to eat
breakfast. And there was no way for her to get to church, even just
sacrament meeting because the bus came too late and she can't drive. So
she didn't end up coming to church. That was a bummer. And then when we
tried to see her Sunday night she wasn't at home...

Saturday we visited a less active family, the Moreno's. Its a mom and
two daughters ages 15(ish) and 11. We had a really great lesson about
the importance of the sacrament and coming to church. This family
KNOWS why coming to church is important! They just don't come to
church because they don't want to get up so early... Sometimes the
girls want to come to church, but don't like to without their mom.
So...they didn't come on Sunday. We're going to try go to their house
Sunday mornings so they can come to church with us. They are such
great people! And they always participate great during lessons. We
just need them to come to church.

Saturday we also visited Nancy and Sorella Griffin got to meet her!
After we sang her a hymn she was telling us that when we come she can
feel something. Something different than when other people from other
religions come. In her room there's another lady who is in the
hospital and I guess she had two ladies come to visit
her. Nancy said that when other people speak and stuff she doesn't
feel the same as when we're there. She said we make her feel something
special and that we need to visit everyone in the hospital so they can
feel that same peace! We told her that it wasn't us, it was the Holy
Ghost. We are only servants of God there to help others feel that.
Later Saturday there was a Relief Society activity. It was a cake
contest and they learned how to dance! The guy who taught them a dance
just got baptized last August and he brought his parents and his
sister who aren't members to help teach. So I got to talk to his
sister a lot. She actually came to an activity a few weeks ago where
they performed a dance together that was so cute! So it was fun to get
to know her this time. It was  actually a really good activity with
lots of nonmembers there. And we got to talk to a lot of ward members.
I LOVE this ward! So Much!! It was so fun to actually be able to talk
to them. I felt like I could actually communicate with them! It was so
great to see everyone and know who they were. I'm so grateful I get to
stay in Lampugnano at least one more transfer!

Monday we had a Scambio with our STL's! Sorella Burt came here and
Sorella Griffin went to Navigli with Sorella Boscia. Sorella Burt is
from Riverton and is so cute! She was actually Sorella Nedelkov's
companion a few transfers ago! I loved working a day with her! We saw
so many miracles! Monday night we did an FHE with the Mosquiera family
and a few of their friends. Most were members but one was a nonmember.
She asked great questions and we're actually going to meet with her
again to explain the Book of Mormon a little more and bring her one in
Spanish since she's from Peru. This lesson was the first time we
actually used our iPads to teach. We showed a Mormon message and it
was so great because we were able to show it in Spanish! I love
technology! :) It was a good Scambio for Sorella Burt because I think
she needed a little break from Italian for a day. She's with Sorella
Boscia who is from Sicily and barely understands English so they do
everything in Italian. Which would be so amazing, and would really
help with the Italian, but it was probably kind of overwhelming at
first for a bit.

Tuesday was the first day we got lost! I was doing pretty well getting
us around places without getting lost! Well, we weren't lost, because I
knew exactly where we were, we just could NOT find this ladies house
we were trying to find. It turns out she lived in a COMPLETELY
different place than I thought.... so we had to take the bus back and
then the metro and another bus... It took about an hour and a half to
find it from when we started to go out.... whooops. But it all turned
out! Her name is Laura and she's blind. She got baptized about 5 years
ago and just wanted some pamphlets so she could give them to one of
her friends! She said her friend had been asking questions and she
wanted to explain with them. So that was super neat! She is such a
strong lady with so much faith. She told us about her life and some
other things she's had to go through, yet she is still happy and just
enjoys everyday!

These last few days I've been thinking a lot about prophets and
scriptures. We do a POPP everday, well actually 3 times a day, to our
companion. We teach a principle, ask a question, use a scripture, and
bear our testimony. Every couple days there's a specific one to do.
These last few days has been Amos 3:7 so we've been talking a lot
about prophets and secrets. Sorella Griffin mentioned one time how
there are different kingdoms of scripture study- Celestial,
Terrestial, and Telestial. Telestial is just maybe reading it.
Telestial is reading and getting a little out of it. But Celestial is
finding eternal truths and having a spiritual experience that we keep for ourselves.
 That is when we find the "secrets" of God. Everything is
already in the scriptures we just have to keep studying and searching 
them. I know I've learned a lot from the sciptures and prophets and
it's amazing how much more I keep learning about one specific thing
that I've studied before but didn't realize.

Well I hope your week is full of miracles! I know miracles happen
everyday if we search for them!

Vi Vogio Bene!
Sorella Dixon

Sorella Dixon with the cutest little girl-- at the ward activity.

Sorella Griffin and Sorella Dixon

A scout camp where Sorella Dixon attended a ward activity.

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