Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Uh. YA!! That's Why We're Here!

Ciao Tutti!

This week was so great! It was probably the hottest week I've had here
yet... but we saw lots of miracles!

So on Thursday we met with Graziella Romeo. She is a member
who lost her daughter a few years ago. We talked about courage. When
we called and set up an appointment with her Sorella Griffin
accidentally called the wrong Graziella in the phone book since she didn't
know who she was. The other Graziella called us back a little later
and we decided to set up a time to meet with her too since she's also
 less active! So on Friday we met with her and it was such an amazing
lesson! She's almost 20 years old and got baptized about 2 years ago.
She still has lots of questions and needs help building her
testimony, so we're going to meet with her more and help her! Miracle
with calling the wrong person on accident!
During the lesson she was asking why some people have to have such
hard trials and some people don't. A scripture came to my mind that I
read recently.

It's D&C 58:2-4:
2 For verily I say unto you, blessed is he that keepeth my
commandments, whether in life or in death; and he that is faithful in
tribulation, the reward of the same is greater in the kingdom of
3 Ye cannot behold with your natural eyes, for the present time, the
design of your God concerning those things which shall come hereafter,
and the glory which shall follow after much tribulation.
4 For after much tribulation come the blessings. Wherefore the day
cometh that ye shall be crowned with much glory; the hour is not yet,
but is nigh at hand.

As she was reading it I learned something new and was able to teach
her! Trials and difficulties are actually GIFTS from God because they
help us become so much better. We learn and grow from them. Like it
says, AFTER tribulation come the blessings. So those who don't have the
trials in their life maybe aren't ready or prepared for trials yet
because they aren't ready to grow and change to become more like

Saturday I tried Gorganzola cheese... I don't know why.. it doesn't
even look appetizing! Its cheese with mold in it! But Sorella Griffin
said I had to try it, so we made Gorganzola pasta and it actually
wasn't that bad :) Kind of interesting, but not horrible.
Saturday we also visited Nancy again and showed her the Restoration
video. She really liked it and said she's like Joseph Smith and wants
to know the truth. We're just working slowly with her since she's in
the hospital and can't focus very well. But she loves it when we come,
and we love visiting her! She is such a trooper and gets better
everyday! She has come so far since we first met her. She can now move
her leg up and down and is working on walking. She wants to get out of
the hospital so bad. We're still not sure when she'll get to come out.
Saturday night we met with the Ramos family. They are the family that
I sent a picture of a couple weeks ago. They are great members but the
two oldest are less active. This time when we met with them the oldest
daughter actually sat in the lesson with us! The first time I was
there she didn't even say hi, the second time she said hi, the 3rd time
we actually talked with her for quite awhile after the lesson, and
this time she stayed in the lesson! Hopefully we can get her to come
to church now! Slowly slowly :)

Sunday I felt like we should go try this passby. The bishopric always
gives the missionaries a sheet of paper with people's names and
addresses on it of people they don't know... there are that many less
active people in this ward. So we try to passby them when we can.
Usually they don't live there anymore, aren't even on the citofino, or
the building doesn't even exist! Its kind of weird...
So this one was in Bareggio, a little paesino outside of Milan. We
have to take the metro to a stop, then a bus outside of Milan. So we
get to the metro stop and are waiting for the bus when I realize that
we forgot to check the address again! We checked it on the iPad the
day earlier but now we didn't have wifi. I was worried I wouldn't be
able to load it and we'd have to go back... But when I pulled out my
iPad it was aleady up and the map was still loaded how I had it! Thank
goodness! (Miracle!) So the bus came and Sorella Griffin helped this
lady put her stroller on it. I saw the lady and realized it was
Marina!!! The lady who we taught a couple weeks ago who can never meet
with us because she's a Bidante! (Miracle!!) We got to talk with her
the whole bus ride! It was so great! I really hope we, or at least
missionaries later, will get to meet with her when she's not so busy,
because she's so great! Then we got to the passby without any problems
and guess what? The house was actually there! AND the name was on the
citofino!! AND the lady answered!! She didn't let us in, but now we
know where she lives so we'll try her again! She kind of lives by Elda
so we'll just try her when we go see Elda sometime! Another
miracle---we always made it to the bus stops at the perfect time so we
didn't have to wait forever. Because usually they don't come as often
on Sundays. :)

Monday there was consiglio with the Zone leaders and Sister Training
leaders at the church at Lampugano, so we got to have 2 sisters with
us for the day who are companions of 2 of the STL's but aren't STL's
themselves (they were in their 2nd and 3rd transfers) one was Sorella
Insalaco from my MTC district!!! So she and I went to a lesson
together and Sorella Griffin and the other Sorella, Sorella Jones,
went and worked together! It was neat working with someone I knew
before! And that day we did great finding work and had great lessons
with people!
That night we also saw Elda. On the bus ride there we started talking
to a guy, and I just thought to ask him what was the most important
thing in life for him. He really liked that question actually. He kept
saying it was a good question. We talked a little about the plan of
salvation with him and gave him a pamphlet. Hopefully this gets him
thinking more and one day he'll see the missionaries again. I love it
when questions come to my mind that I know are JUST for that person.
What they need at that moment. They are definitely inspired questions
from the spirit!
With Elda we had pizza and Italian ice with her :) She wanted to get
out of the house since she had been inside all day. She is so amazing.
She doesn't let her leg problem stop her from anything. She is a great
example of strength and endurance. She wasn't able to come to church
last sunday.... but HOPEFULLY this Sunday she can. She is reading the
Book of Mormon, but she says she doesn't really remember what she
reads. She still calls us a ton, a lot of times to complain about
stuff.... so we're trying to help her see the blessings in life.

Tuesday we had so many miracles! We spent the morning calling less
active members we didn't know and ex investigators and we talked to
this girl named Stefany who was really progressing in 2011 but then
stopped meeting with the missionaries becuase she wanted to focus on
school, but we called and she was more than happy to meet with us! So
we have a lesson with her on Friday.  Hopefully that will go well.
Later we went to the hospital to visit Nancy. When we got there she
was sleeping. We didn't want to disturb her especially since she's had
such a hard time getting sleep lately. As we were in the hall
discussing what to do we see a lady in the room next to hers just
sitting in there alone. We decided to go in and talk to her and cheer
her up a little. We started talking to her and ended up sharing the Perche
Egli Vive video and she really liked it! Her name was Daniella and
hopefully we'll get to talk to her again when we go back to visit
Then on the way back from the hospital we talked to a lady who had a
cute baby in a stroller. Her name was Nancy and she's from Peru. We
said we were missionaries and then SHE asked US if we could teach her
about our religion because she's been searching for a religion and
feels it's important to be a part of a church. Uh, YA!! That's why
we're here! We set up a time for Thursday and she confirmed with us
about 3 times to make sure she had the time and place right. Wow! I'm
pretty excited to teach her :)
THEN on the next metro we start talking to this girl, I just said I
liked her watch, and she sees we're missionaries and says how she has
seen a lot of us before and has always wondered who we were. We
offered to teach her more about our religion and she was totally
Later that day we were waiting for the metro when a guy walked down
the stairs wearing cowboy boots and carrying a guitar. Cowboys boots?
In Italy?! That never happens here! So of course I had to talk to him!
;) It turns out he spoke English really well. He was telling us how he
writes songs in Italian and English. He performs at night and teaches
guitar during the day. We told him we teach an english course and said
if he ever wanted to practice English he could come. He actually
seemed interested, so we'll see if he comes.
Needless to day, yesterday was a great day :D I just love talking to
people!! And my language is definitely improving! So it's getting
easier to talk to people, too!
Well, hopefully this week is filled with even more miracles! I hope there are Miracles
in your lives, too!!

Love you all!
Vi voglio bene!
Sorella Dixon

The smile is real...
REAL Italian Pizza!!!
"This is a pizzeria! I got pictures of the actual wood oven and the guy taking the pizza out! Delish! :D
Italians don't use a pizza cutter to cut pizza. They use scissors! Or just rip it! 
And the crust is so thin they usually fold the piece of pizza to eat it."

The Duomo.

"We actually went inside it last P-Day!"

"Going down to the baptistery..."
"They used to have a font"
"Just shows how things changed over time."

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