Monday, April 6, 2015

"I'll Go Where He Wants Me to Go"--arrival photos

It was a very pleasant surprise to open the link to Sorella Dixon's Mission's Blog this morning and find the arrival photos of Sorella Dixon. She arrived March 05, 2015, so it has been a month of service for her already in Italy. These photos made me cry, I am not certain why. Maybe it's because I miss her. Maybe it's because I will never see or hear her "in action" as a full-time missionary.  Maybe it's because I know what she is doing is so very important, or maybe it is just because I love her....very much. So, I just cry. There is definitely something tender and special about having a missionary who is serving our Heavenly Father full-time. The blessings and feelings are hard to express, but they are real and very tangible. Whatever the case, it sure is great to see photos!!

Arrival in Italy with a Thumbs Up!

Navigating the Airport to the Bus

In this one, you just get to see the back of her head,
 but that's good enough for me.

Getting ready to board the bus

Presidente Dibb giving counsel...

"Leave all of  the "drag" (as in airplane drag) of worldly things behind 

 and commit to be full-time missionaries to share the Doctrine of Jesus Christ, our Savior."

19 new missionaries ready to serve our
Heavenly Father

"Hurrah" for Italy

On the Bus to the Cimiano Chapel for interviews and training

At Cimiano Chapel, eating a light lunch of mezzaluna (panzarotti) and fruit.

The Picturesque Milan Duomo with the Sorelle

Contacting on the streets of Italy
Her Mom's favorite photo....

The next day--meeting back in the Ciamiano Chapel for instruction 
and to receive new companions.

The trainers reciting Doctrine and Covenants Section 4

Waiting to be assigned a new trainee

The brand new missionaries--waiting to be assigned a trainer

"I hope they call me on a mission when I have 
grown a foot or two"

With her new companion, Sister Nedelkov.
"I'll go where He wants me to go"

(All the photos from her arrival can be seen on the Mission blog. 
There is a link on the right side bar of her blog--titled Mission Blog.)

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