Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Happy (After) Mother's Day

Cari Tutti,
Skype on Sunday was so amazing!! It was so great to see all of your smiling faces! Live! :D I LOVED it! How am I so blessed to have a family like you? :) 

Well since I actually didn't really tell you about last week, I'll do that now :) Last p-day after emailing we went to Como, which has a beautiful lake and a light house on the mountain that you can hike to. It was so great to see mountains! And a lake! And forestry! :) I've sent some pictures of the lake. When we went to the was closed... so we only kind of got to see out over the whole city.

That night we had a great lesson with the Argenti famly. We talked about miracles and how they can see miracles in their lives, just like missionaries. Even if it's just talking to someone and sharing their testimony. We got to share a little miracle with them about when we were travelling to their house. I talked to a lady about faith on the bus. It wasn't anything big, and I probably won't see her again, but it was still a good gospel conversation. Sorella Argenti is in the primary and asked me to play the piano for the primary song in sacrament meeting, and now she just loves us. I have a huge testimony about service and how that helps others trust and learn to love you.

Saturday we got to go to Como again, but this time with all the missionaries in the zone! The wards there were doing an MTC thing so they had all the missionaries in the zone come and go out with the members for part of the day! I got to go with Sorella Menini. She was super cute! We tried to visit a less active family, but they were eating and then had other things to do, so they couldn't see us. So then we tried casa. Pretty much like ringing the doorbell outside the gate to the houses. It was not working. We tried to talk to a few people who were out in their yard, but nothing was working. We tried going to a park, but no one was there. I didn't know what to do! I wanted to have a good finding experience with this member, but nothing was going well. I guess she got a taste of real missionary life ;) Finally we decided to stop and pray. After the prayer we were walking along a different street and ended up talking to several people and even had two lessons! We talked to man who had talked to the missionaries before. We prayed with a lady who was just working in her yard, and with a man who was walking his dog. After the prayer, we were actually able to have good gospel conversations with people. It was a great experience. A little nerve racking because I was with an Italian and had to lead the way, but it all worked out! :)

Monday we had a scambio with the sister training leaders again. This time I went with Sorella Boscia and we worked in Navigli. Sorella Boscia is Italian, from Sicilia, and is actually in her 30's. She is a rock! We were communicating completely in Italian the whole time! I actually really liked it! By the end of the scambio, it was just natural. Granted she spoke more than I did, but my brain was in Italian mode and I know I improved in Italian after one day. Even if it was just understanding! During the scambio we were able visit a lady in the hospital and we sang some hymns. There was another lady sitting nearby who was listening and was just smiling and loving it. It was so cute. We were also able to do an FHE with an amazing family. A new convert was also going to be there but she ended up having work. So we just taught the family. It turned out to be a lesson the family really needed. It was great to spend time with just members. I just love visiting members! Monday we also visited a new convert, Maria Anna. She's 74 and knew about a bunch of churches, but when she saw the Anziani one day she asked THEM to come to her house and explain the church. She is from Sicilia, so she and Sorella Boscia connected right away. Sorella Boscia is a great example of really loving the people. She's just a great missionary all around. I learned a lot from her. The next transfer is her last. I can tell she has been a great missionary. 

Today we got to go to the EXPO! There's a member who works for EXPO, he actually helped plan it, and he got us tickets! It was pretty neat. We got to see lots of stuff about food and different countries. We didn't do a whole lot because we only had today, but what we saw was interesting. We saw America's stand and ALMOST bought a real american hamburger. ;)

Well, I should probably go! I hope you all have a great week! Monday we should be getting ipads, so we'll see how that goes! 
Love you!
Vi Voglio Bene!
Sorella Dixon


The closed lighthouse

Working with the members

Photos from the food EXPO

America's area

Shout out to Lena!! :)

This photo looks like Sorella Dixon has One Fancy Hat!!

"The Tree of Life"

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