Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day Skype

Here are a few photos from this morning's much anticipated Skype. 
It was fabulous to see, hear, laugh, and shed a tear or two with our missionary girl!! 

Our first few glimpses....

The smile is big and the shine in the eyes is bright!!

We had told Savanna that Jessica wouldn't be home to Skype, but Jessica came home--a surprise to Me, her Mom, and to Savanna!! It was AWESOME!!!!!

This is how she felt about the surprise as Jessica appeared 
in the little box in the corner of the screen.

Oh man, I have missed this laugh!!

I have no greater joy than to hear
 that my children walk in Truth.

Sorella Nedelkov was in the other room Skyping her family.
 We "met" them, too!

Aren't they adorable?! :)

This is the look she gave as she said, "I have some homework for you......"

Of course she had homework for us!! :)

"The homework is to go look in the Italian hymnbook at Hymns
40, 44, and 196. Play them and sing them."

"Hymns 40 and 44 are Italian lyrics and music".

Hymn 196 is:
"I Wonder When He Comes Again"
Sorella Dixon plays the piano EVERY week in Sacrament Meeting...
and she thought she had been released from the calling! ;)

Savanna Smiles!!

We had to get a picture with the name tag showing!
She really does wear His name over and in her heart... in every way!

Bearing her testimony in Italian. It was beautiful.
Made this Mom cry!
 She is amazing!!

To learn a language in less than 3.5 months is incredible.
 What a blessing and privilege.

She said it is HARD, really HARD, but she loves the work
and the people.

One last good laugh before we had to say Good-bye!!

The image of joy in the service of our Heavenly Father.

Ciao for now....See you in 7 months, Sweet Savannie!!  
Heart is full and life is good!!

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