Thursday, August 20, 2015

Can Ye Tell?

Cari tutti!

Well, we got transfer calls this week and I'm staying and Sorella
Russell is going to COMO!! Beautiful Como! She'll love it there!
She'll be in a threesome and one of her companions in Sorella
Insalaco, one of the sisters in my MTC district! So, we had our last
week together. Crazy! We've been visiting people like crazy! But I
love it!

 Last Thursday we saw Chiara and her Mom Elizabetha. They are the
referral we got from the lady in church and they are so adorable! They
are from Peru. So Chiara's Dad is a member but less active and the Mom
is a devout Catholic, but last December Chiara wanted to go to her
Dad's church and ever since then they have been coming. I think more
regularly now though. Chiara is thinking about being baptized. She's
9. We had a great lesson with them and the Mom really opened up.
Chiara also instigates  prayer and scripture study every night.
She's amazing.

Friday we saw Ofilia and her Dad again at the hospital when we visited
Ester. And Ofilia said she started reading the Book of Mormon that we
left them! That was a miracle! They love having us come visit them. He
goes home soon so hopefully they'll let us keep seeing them after they
leave the hospital.

Saturday night we had a lesson with Nimmi and her husband. Mamma mia
that was a lesson... So the husband is a member but less active and
Nimmi is buddhist. Really buddhist. I think I know why I was called to
Italy where everyone here already has a Christian base background... I
cannot teach people otherwise! Ok, I probably could if I had more
practice and learned how to... but it was tough. They are super nice
though. We found out that the Anziani had actually been over there the
week earlier. I think they're going to keep teaching him since he is
less active and doesn't really have a testimony. 

Sunday we visited a lot of members and had a great lesson with Sophya,
our new convert that Sorella Russell taught! I was also talking to
Rebekah, another new convert and she's super interested in coming to
lessons with Talia. We've have been praying to find members for Talia
since everyone we call can't or are gone... It has been hard to find
members for her for some reason, but I think we finally found someone!
And then we talked to a family who invited us to dinner Tuesday night
and since we can't have dinner with just members we asked if we could
bring a friend and they said sure! So we were able to invite Talia! We
had that dinner yesterday and it was am-az-ing. Talia and her Mom came
and just bonded right away with the family! It was so spiritual. They
were able to share their testimonies about the gospel and how much
they have been blessed from the gospel. It was beautiful. Talia loved
it and said she now had friends and wouldn't be alone when her Mom
left for Cuba. It was a perfect lesson for Sorella Russell to end

Monday and Tuesday we were EVERYWHERE visiting people and saying
goodbye. We saw miracles. One was with the train. We were at a lesson
with Chiara and Elizabetha at 6 in Sestri and had to be at Brignole at
6:30. It's a 21 minute train ride or a 45 minute bus ride.... we
forgot to check the train times to Brignole and so as we ran to the
station from their house I was seriously praying the whole way there
for a train, or a miracle, or someway to get to Brignole on time since
it was the dinner with Talia. We got to the station right at the train
was pulling in and we hopped on with a minute to spare. It seriously
was a miracle. We had great lessons and people just loved Sorella
Russell. It was so great! Tiring but so great!

So this week I read Alma 26 and I was thinking about this last
transfer as I read it. It pretty much sums it up. I especially liked
verse 2 "And now, I ask, what great blessings has he bestowed upon us?
Can ye tell?"

Can ye tell? Can you see the hand of God in your life? Are you looking
for it? Because it is ALWAYS there. I love it. We just need to have
the eyes open to see that God is there. Just like the train. I know
God's hand was in that because we needed to have that lesson with
Talia and the family.

Well, I hope you all have a great week! Love ya lots! Can't wait to get
to know my new companion, Sorella Gregg! We will see miracles in
Genova I know it!

Vi voglio bene!
Sorella Dixon

Eating Sushi

The main train station in Genova

Genova Centrale
Arch near the center of Genova

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