Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Everything Happens for a Reason

Cari Tutti!
I hope everyone had a great week! This week just FLEW by! I don't even
know why. I guess if you're busy time just flies. This weekend we get
transfer calls! Already! It's crazy!

So last Thursday morning we decided to passby Teresa and Madelin.
We've passed by them before and they are usually home and let us in.
So we tried them again and they were both home! Teresa is the Mom and
Madelin is about 20 and also has a little girl. They became members
about 4 years ago but don't really come to church anymore so we're
working with them. It was a great lesson and we really talked about
reading the Book of Mormon and praying to know if it's true. Teresa
said she prays everyday, but has pretty much stopped reading the Book
of Mormon. So hopefully we can help her gain a testimony of it. It was
a miracle that we saw them because that day they were leaving for
Spain for vacation! So it was definitely guidance from the spirit! So
here in Italy EVERYONE leaves on vacation in August.... so that's fun
haha. Pretty much everyone that we talk to on the bus, doing strada,
or doing casa, say they're leaving so they can't say when we can come
see them again... but we still get their number and will just call
them when August is over I guess!

Thursday night all of our appointments fell through so we ended up
doing passbys and then doing casa (ringing doorbells of that
apartment building). We actually had a few miracles that night! We
ended up passing by someone who when we rung the citofino just let us
right in. Usually they ask who it is before they will unlock the
apartment door. That means they probably didn't know it was us...
and that's what it was. The lady at the door was kind of confused when
she saw us but we still talked with her and found out that her husband
is the member we were passing by and she's Buddhist. The Anziani have
worked with her husband in the past so she's familiar with
missionaries. She thought it was her husband coming home that's why
she unlocked the door. Well, we asked if we could come visit her and
her husband sometimes, and she was really willing. On the way out we
saw her husband coming in so we talked to him for a few seconds. We
are seeing them this Saturday so hopefully that goes well!
Then we were able to walk and talk to a lady who was just leaving her
apartment. She was super sweet. Hopefully we'll see her again.

Friday we had lunch with a member from Finland. She's an awesome
missionary and was telling us she needed copies of the Book of Mormon
in Urdu and Punjabi since she was talking to these guys about it.
Crazy. We had to call the mission office for those. Later that
afternoon we had an appointment for Stefania but when we got there she
said she didn't feel like studying. Turns out that
she was feeling sick and didn't have our number so she told the
Anziani to tell us but they couldn't get a hold of us so we never found
out... but everything happens for a reason because as we were waiting
for the bus there was a lady that we started talking to, and she was
interested. She lost her Mom a few years ago and now lives alone. She
has no family nearby and isn't married. We talked a little about the
plan of salvation. So we hope things go well with her!

Saturday night we saw Talia! So, we were supposed to see her Thursday
night but earlier that day she called us and told us that she got the
job she had been hoping for!!! Yay! She had lost her job and didn't
know what to do. The last lesson the sisters had with her (while we
were on scambio) she was really down and hopeless. But then the lady
who was thinking about moving ended up moving so Talia got her job!
She was SOO happy. So she decided to take one last vacation to the
beach with her mom on Thursday. But we got to see them Saturday and
she was just telling us how much she loves her job. She said the
opening prayer and was  thanking Heavenly Father for everything.
She also told us her Mom wasn't really interested so she wasn't going
to be in the lesson with us... but we still invited her because we
told them we had a video and it was in Spanish! So she'd be able to
understand completely! So she came and we watched the restoration.
After that we talked and it was probably one of the most powerful
lessons I've had. The spirit was guiding both me and Sorella Russell.
Her Mom opened up and really told us what was on her mind. We were
able to bear strong testimony about Joseph Smith and the Book of
Mormon. She is actually really reading the Book of Mormon and likes
it. She feels good with this church, and we told her to continue to
follow these feelings and keep studying it out. She's moving  back
to Cuba in a couple of weeks so hopefully we can send her number and
address as a referral.

Sunday we helped in the primary so they could have a piano player
while they sing. There was a lady in there next to her daughter who I
actually talked to before sacrament meeting and introduced myself. I
didn't realize this, but after church a member came up and said that
the lady isn't a member. Neither is her daughter actually, who is 9.
The dad/husband is a member but less-active. The member said she
talked to them and they are ok with having us come over! So we'll be
seeing them this week. She gave us their number on a piece of paper
and when we looked at it later it was a sweet note. She said that she
had actually prayed that we would be in their ward on Sunday so she
could talk to us about them! Because we're over 2 wards we have to
switch which ward we go to. Usually we go to the ward where
investigators or less-actives will be. We were planning on going to
Genova 1 because Talia was going to come to church, but then she
couldn't because of work (work is a blessing and a curse!!) and so we
decided to go to Genova 2 since we went to Genova 1 last time. And
it's a good thing too since we got to meet the lady and her daughter!

Monday was pretty much talking to people. Getting bidones. Doing
finding. All that good stuff. Luckily we were able to end the day with
Talia. She just makes our day so much better. I don't think she
realizes what a blessing she is to US. She is just so sweet and we
love teaching her.

Yesterday morning we saw a member family who are from Ecuador. I loved
talking to them! They have 2 young women, so with the two of us there
it was like there were 4 daughters! Almost like home haha. The members
are so great and so willing to help us out! Then later we saw Cate,
the member from South Africa :) She's so funny with all her stories.
That she just tells over and over , but she loves missionaries and
we love seeing her!

Well, that's pretty much my week! At least all the highlights :) It
will be crazy to see what happens when we get transfer calls this
Saturday! But everything is in God's hand. He has the perfect plan for
everything. I know that if we trust in Him everything will turn out
even better than we thought it would! I know I'm here for a reason and
I'm so grateful I get to be a part of this amazing work.
Go out and look for a miracle this week!
Vi Voglio Bene!!
Sorella Dixon :)

This is the only photo this week, as the computer was working too slowly!!

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