Thursday, October 1, 2015

Transfer Calls- I'll be Training!

Cari Tutti!

Well last Saturday we got transfer calls and I'll be staying in Genova
but Sorella Gregg is leaving to Collegno because I'll be training a
new missionary! We were both super surprised because Sorella Gregg had
only been here one transfer. President Dibb told me that there are 4
sisters coming in and they are all European. So I'll be training a
sister from either the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, or Italy!
I'm pretty excited! :D It will definitely be a new experience
especially because this is the first time I'll be senior companion and
she's not American, but it will be so great!

So this week was good! On Thursday we got to meet Ami. I don't
remember if I told you about her. She's a referral we got from
President and Sorella Dibb because the Mission President from Romania
told them about her. She's from Romania and moved to Italy for a
couple of months. She is so great! She first found about about the
church through English class and she has learned a few lessons. She
even had a few lessons with the mission president and his family. She
loves what we teach and likes church, so hopefully we can continue
with her!

We had a lesson with a lady named Glenda who is less-active. We
discovered her by making a bunch of calls from the ward list. She's
been less-active for awhile, but still agrees with and likes the
church teachings, so I'm excited to help her and her family come back!
So on the way to Glenda's Sorella Gregg sat on some gum on accident on
the train... She noticed when we got up. We got off the train and were
trying to get the gum off with a tissue. It was kind of working, but
not really well. After a little bit she looked up and there was a guy
who was watching us from a train door and then silently offered her a
wet wipe.  It was so nice of him! He didn't say anything. He just
gave it to her and then went back into the train. We called him
"Silent miracle man". And she was able to get all the gum off her skirt!
We also taught Marjeta and David. They are so great! Marjeta just says
we're like her daughters. She just loves us! We talked about The book
of Mormon with them and a little about baptism.

Friday we were able to do some service! A member recently moved into a
new apartment and we offered to help out with stuff. She has two
little daughters, and they are adorable, but just mess everything up
as she's organizing stuff  so it was good to go and help her. We
also hung clothes on some laundry lines for her. I felt like a true
Italian ;)

Saturday we got transfer calls that morning! And then we went and
visited Sorella Martino who is a sweet old lady who lives in a nun
institution. Well it's just like a retirement home, but nuns run it.
She's so cute and loves when we come over and share a spiritual
thought with her. Our other appointments fell through for the rest of
the day, so we did some passbys and stuff. And we had English class
and 3 new students randomly showed up! They are so great! So that was
fun! And we went to a GANS (YSA) activity for a little bit so Sorella
Gregg could say goodbye to them. I love the GANS here. They are so

Sunday was a great Sunday. It was Sorella Gregg's last Sunday in
Genova! Crazy! We stayed after church to play for the choir and
Primary since they are singing in a sacrament meeting sometime soon.
We also got to visit Ester in the hospital.

Monday we had district meeting and then ALL of our appointments didn't
work out. Bummer... But that's ok, we were able to see beautiful
Genova and climb up a lot of stairs doing passbys and finding :)

Tuesday we saw Cate! Sometimes she gets so lonely. She just loves
having someone there to talk to. We brought her a cake to celebrate
her birthday :) We also got to see Marjeta and David again! She gave
Sorella Gregg some clothes she made since she's leaving! And gave both
of us a book that she had written. It was in Albanian  but still
so nice! She's so adorable! We also had some Jehovah Witnesses ring
our doorbell during lunch. That has never happened before! We just
talked to them and were nice because we know what it's like to be on
the other side.of the door. They were nice and didn't try to argue or anything
once they realized that we were Mormon missionaries so that's good!
They just read a scripture and offered us a pamphlet. :)

Tomorrow is transfer day and I'll be going to Milan to pick up my
greenie! Im so excited! :D This week we weren't able to see a bunch of
people we wanted or planned to see. But that has to happen to really
appreciate the good weeks! The weather is now getting kind of chilly!
So we'll be bringing out our scarves here real soon. If you don't wear
a scarf, you'll get a scolding from the Italians ;)

Well life is great here in Genova! I love missionary work and being
able to talk of Christ to everyone! :) Little miracles happen everyday
even if it's just getting someone to smile because we smiled at them!
Vi voglio bene!
Sorella Dixon

"These are pictures of Nervi! A beautiful place by the ocean!"

Clothes lines

"This is cute Chiara!"


"How would it be to just live here and come by
the rocks and read a book?"

"Italian hot chocolate. mmm mmm good! It is thicker than American. 
Kind of like pudding, but still liquidy enough you can drink it!"


"A beautiful castle we walked past!"

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