Wednesday, September 23, 2015

"I Wish You a Sack of Good"

This little message from Savanna made my morning: :)

"Guess what? One of the elders in my district shined my shoes haha. I
came to district meeting and he was just like "I brought something for
you. But I need your shoes." And then he pulled out shoe shining
stuff! They look so nice now! I've never shined shoes before...
but my shoes really did need it. So that was super nice of him".

YUP!! Kindness matters!!
Now on to her email...

Ciao tutti!
This week we saw so many miracles! It was so great!!!

So Last Wednesday we had p-day with the Sorelle in Savona and
Alessandria. It was kind of last minute decision but I'm super glad we
did because they are great sorelle and we had lots of fun together
just exploring Genova! And also we got an amazing referral from
Sorella Back who is serving in Alessandria. There was a 12 year old
girl who they were teaching but then she moved back to live with her
Mom who is in Genova! So we called her mom and set up an appointment
for Saturday! When we went they were both smiles and super happy to
see us! They are the cutest! Her little brother was there too. So now
we're teaching all 3 of them! They're names are Veronica (the mom),
Francesca, and Manuel. They are from Ecuador.

Then Friday night we got home and saw that we had a referral. We
decided to call them and set up an appointment for Saturday morning.
It was a lady named Marjeta and she said she was going to bring her
son, too. We went to the park and taught them the restoration! They are
soo great! Marjeta just loves how family oriented the church is. She
also wants her son to join so he can have a good group a friends and
people to be around. They are from Albania and she was in Albania on
vacation when she talked to the missionaries, then they sent the
referral to us. She also said she had family in Florence who is going
to our church. She was talking about some of them and said Angela.
Then Sorella Gregg was like, "Angela?! I know Angela! I taught her and
she got baptized!" Angela is her new convert from a year ago and now
we're teaching her AUNT!! She was sooooo excited! WE couldn't believe
it! They are great people! They said they would come to church the
next day. Well, they didn't come and we were kind of bummed... but then
they sent us a text later that day saying that they didn't hear the
alarm and were really sorry they didn't come and then asked to set up
another time to meet!

Saturday was just a miracle day. We couldn't believe that we were
pretty much just handed these two families to teach. All of a sudden.
They are so great! I'm so excited to keep teaching them!

Other things we did this week and little miracles:
On Thursday we had Zone training which was so great. We talked about
planning and we are planning so much better now. I know planning is
HUGE! Especially on a mission. It was a great training. We saw a less
active named Mayra. She's less active because she has work. A lot of
times that's why people are less active. She still has a  testimony and we had 
a great lesson with her. I love it when we are all enlightened during the lesson. 
Then you know the spirit was definitely there. We  also visited the Garnero family. 

Friday we saw another less active Mariana. She's from Romania and she
made us soup, chicken, and potatoes. She's a great lady! Right now
we're trying to visit a ton of less-actives from Genova 1 because most
of the list are less-actives. And we've been able to set up a lot of
appointments so that's great! We also did a passby to a family the
Bishop's family told us about. They ended up not being interested, but
we were able to talk to them! It was great because we weren't exactly
sure which house it was... and which number on the citofino. But we
went to the house we thought it was and tried a number and there was a
little boy outside on his bike. He said he lived there and we said we
were friends of Nadia and her family and he was like oh Nadia! YA just
come upstairs it's open! So cute! So we went up and talked to them.

Saturday was our miracle day with so many new people to teach! yay!
Sunday we had a lesson with Stefania and later that night we visited
the Biondi family. They're great. He talked to us a lot about working
with members. It was really good and we talked about that at our
district meeting on Monday. We are really hoping to find more
opportunities to work with members more and get them more involved in
missionary work.

Monday was district meeting and then we visited Ester at the hospital.
As we were leaving on the bus we saw the Anziani teaching a guy on a
park bench. I loved seeing that! I just love missionaries! I'm so
happy that I am one and that I can talk to others and bring them

We tried passing by Talia that night since our FHE got canceled. But
she wasn't home. I don't know what happened to her. She doesn't ever
respond to us and is never home. So that's really a bummer.

Tuesday we had a great lesson with Chiara and Sorella Moreschi came.
She is such an amazing member. Elizabetha, Chiara's mom, told us how
much the Moreschi's have done for them. She told us that she is the
example of a Mormon. Elizabetha's husband's family is all LDS but a
lot are less active.  Hugo, the husband, is really hesitant to have Chiara
baptized on the date we set for her. We haven't ever been able to
talk to him because he's not at the lessons, but Elizabetha has told
us. He doesn't want her to just join just because and then decide to
be done a few years down the road.

We saw Denise that night!!! (the lady from the train) FINALLY!!!
Every time we set up an appointment she cancels or can't... but this
time we went to her house and it was so great! She told us her story
and her experiences. She loves art and is such a deep thinker. She
kind of over thinks stuff I think. She's had a lot of hard times in
her life. But I know the gospel will help her so much! It was so good
to actually see her!

I know that God is blessing us so much! I love working here in Genova!
Everyday I see something new that's so beautiful and I get to talk to
and teach such great people! Miracles are real and I love being a part
of this amazing work!

Vi voglio un sacco di bene!
(haha one day one of the elders said that to us but in English just
how it is and it translates to "I wish you a sack of good." Haha ;)

-Sorella Dixon

Might and Strength!

Beautiful sites of Italy!!

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