Wednesday, September 9, 2015

There is a Reason for Everything

Cari Tutti!

I can't believe it's another p-day! Crazy! This week was great. Sorella
Gregg and I are doing great and seeing lots of miracles.

Last Thursday we visited the Bishop of Genova 2 and his family. They
live in the best Italian house I've been in so far! It's on this street
that's too small for cars to go down, so they have to park in a
parking lot before the street. It's this old house that was kind of
falling apart but they have done lots of work on it. It's small but has
2 floors. They have grape plants and vines just outside the front door
and there are little hills by the street they live on. I loved it! I
Love Italy! This family is so great and I loved visiting them!

Friday was pretty much a "C'e un motivo per tutto" day (or there is a
reason for everything day) because we had to do a LOT of waiting at train
stations. But if we hadn't waited we wouldn't have been able to see
the people we saw! Like Alexandra who got home just right before we
got there and then Talia. We had planned to see her but then when we
got there she wasn't there. We were late because of the trains but
then just 3 minutes later she was walking home with groceries! If we
had gotten there sooner we probably would've just left because she
didn't answer. And we didn't have a phone to call her....

Saturday morning we went to the church to see Denise, the lady on the
train we met last week. Aaand she didn't come.... we tried calling her
with the Anziani's phone, who thankfully were also at the church, but
she didn't answer. But the Anziani had our new phone! yay!! We left
and then they called us and said that Denise had called them back and
really wanted to talk to us. So we called her and she said that she
didn't come because last night her mom's health was SUPER bad and she
was so worried about her. So she woke up several times to check on her
and pray. So that morning she was exhausted and didn't feel very good.
She felt bad, but she still wants to meet with us and asked if we
would pray for her! And she said she has a friend she wants us to help
as well! So we still have to see her and her friend!

We were able to see Sorella Marines, a great member from Genova 2 that
day as well. I love members! She only joined about 4 years ago, and is
as strong as ever and misses going out with the missionaries. She's
had a tough life, but she has stayed strong.

Then we saw Sophya, our new convert we're working with. It was so
great that we saw her because she needed some spiritual uplifting. She
said she hasn't read the Book of Mormon in awhile and there have been
lots of temptations around her. She had been reading about the wars
and how the cities built fortifications and prepared. So we told her
that is what the Book of Mormon does. It helps her have protection
against the temptations from the adversary everyday.

Sunday we found out something amazing!!! So last week we met with
Chiara, the cute little 9 year old we're teaching. We had wanted to
get a baptism date for her but during the lesson both Sorella Gregg and I
just didn't feel like it was right. We taught the restoration and
committed her to pray about the Book of Mormon and ask if it was true.
So on Sunday we called a member, the member who told us about Chiara
and wanted us to teach her, to see if she could come with us to a
lesson on Tuesday. She said she couldn't BUT she did tell us that she
talked to Chiara and Chiara told  her that she had prayed about the
Book of Mormon and got her response! She felt all warm inside and knew
that was the spirit telling her it was true!

Then on Tuesday this week we met with her and asked her about it and
she just said she felt "caldo caldo caldo caldo caldo!" Apparently it
lasted 2 days for her. She's so amazing. I think this is the first
time I've actually had an investiagor sincerely pray about the Book of
Mormon and get a response. So then we were able to set a baptism date with
her for October 17! Her mom was a little hesitant but she didn't stop
her because it's all Chiara's choice. She just wants her to really
understand everything and not just do it. We said that's why we're
here, to teach her and make sure she knows what she needs to do to be
prepared for baptism. We also told her we prayed about that date and
knew it was right for Chiara. I'm so happy!

Monday we kind of got sad news.... Talia didn't come to church and
when we tried to call we could never get a hold of her. Finally Monday
night she texted us and said that she had had a headache and that she
just has too much work. One of her colleagues is on vacation so she
has to work more. She doesn't feel ready for baptism and says we'll
have to leave it for later. We haven't been able to get ahold of her
to talk to her more.... She just has sooo much work. Work in this
country is so. hard. Hard to find, and then hard to keep. And to keep
it they have to work all the time. I was talking to the Anziani's new
convert, Cristiano and he told me his story of how he joined. It took
him 2 years. And at the beginning he had a baptism date but then told the
elders that he didn't feel ready and that he needed to put his life in
order. Then about a year later he started again. It happens all the
time. So I have hope for Talia, I'm just sad that she has to wait
awhile. But everything is in the Lord's timing. We just have to trust
in Him. He loves those that we care about even more than we do. And he
wants the best for them,too, so he'll take care of them.

Well those are the main happenings of the week! Also filled with
little miracles with talking people and just sharing the light of
Keep shining!

Vi voglio bene!
Sorella Dixon

"Me with the Bishop's daughter in the cute Italian house"


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