Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I Love Genova in September

Cari Tutti!
September is so great here in Genova! The weather is cooler and there
has been occasional rain. Which I LOVE!

Last p-day we had a miracle. No one showed up for our English class so we
decided to try a passby that has kept coming to my mind. So we went to
it and after figuring out where we were and being lost for just a bit,
we found it but no one was home. So we just walked down the street a
little bit. We saw at one apartment names of some families in our
ward. We didn't think they were related but it got us to stop and we
decided to casa the apartment. We tried the door and it was open so we
went in to ring some doorbells. No one answered until we got to the
last one. We didn't think anyone lived there because there wasn't a
doormat. EVERYONE in Italy has a doormat. But, they opened the door!
We talked to them for a bit and they asked if we wanted to come in.
Uh. ya. I couldn't believe they asked us that. I have NEVER been let
in someone's house before doing casa. So I had to make sure I knew what
to do... haha. We got to know them a bit, and we showed a m
Mormon message.  They are a couple from Albania and were super nice. She said her mom
actually went to our church before and said that she needed to. They
said we could come back in the evenings so that was so great! It was
such a great miracle!

Thursday we had lunch with Sorella Fava. She is just a cute little old
lady in one of the wards and LOVES missionaries.
She just talks and talks and talks! I love just listening to her because it's perfect
Italian. I'm so used to the Italian of South Americans. Which is
good... but they mix a lot of Spanish in there. I didn't really
realize how many  South Americans there are here until Sorella Gregg
pointed it out. She has never served in a place with so many.

The church in Sestri held a conference  about suicide prevention
and as missionaries we went to the beginning and the end so we could
talk to people as they came and as they left. It was pretty good. We
just set up a stand and had a bunch of pass along cards and
pamphlets. We actually had someone take a Book of Mormon and we got
her number. And other people talked to us.

Friday we saw a great member who told us how to make focaccia! I'm
going to have to practice so I get it right. That is one thing I want
to know how to make before I come home!
We started a scambio that night with the Savona Sorelle. I stayed in
Genova with Sorella Shoenhalls. It was so great! We had a great
scambio together. We ended up teaching Sophya and Romona. And finally
someone came to English class!  His name is Giuseppe and he has
actually been coming for 5 years but just didn't come for the summer I
guess. He was hilarious!

After English we only had about 35 minutes before we had to take a train so we
decided to try a passby that lived close to the church. And
miracle-she was home! We have tried Mayra soooo many times but she's
never home! She was so nice and she still loves the gospel. She is
just so busy with work so she can't come to church. Hopefully we can
help build their family more in the gospel.

Sunday they cancelled church... it was really weird. It was because of
severe weather warnings. I guess everything was closed. w
We didn't find out about it until we got to the church... and then we just went
home to do studies because normally we don't do them s
Sunday morning.  It started pouring soo hard. It was so neat to be in the house
watching it. When we called people later they told us not to leave the
house because of the rain!   But it really wasn't that bad, and it
ended up lightening up so we still went out. We visited Ester in
the hospital and a member and a lady were visiting her. The lady,
Tina, isn't a member but the member, Fratello Sanchez was talking to
me and saying that he has invited her to church and she said she would
come sometime. So that was neat.

We saw Sorella Serra that evening and she fed us a ton, like usual.
But it was good :) I think she really needed us to come and share a
spiritual message. She has kind of been down lately because of the
choices her kids are making, her health, and other little problems.

Monday we had to go to the Questura to file a report about our lost
phone. We ended up talking to the guy who was doing it and he asked us
questions about who we were and stuff. He was really nice. If the
reason we lost our phone was just to talk to him and introduce him to
the gospel, than I'm totally good with that!

Later that day we visited a less active family, the Herrera's. Well
the wife is really active, but the husband and oldest daughter aren't.
The Anziani had been working with them, but they decided we might be
able to help them a little more because the husband isn't home as
often as the wife and the oldest is an 18 year old daughter. So we're
excited to start working with them.

After another lesson with Maida we got a call and someone on the other
end asked for me. I answered it and she said we would like a Book of
Mormon. I kind of figured it was someone I knew but I just played
along and asked their address and name yaddy yaddy yadda and then it
turned out to be Nancy!! from Milano!! She surprised me with a call! I
was so happy to hear from her! She's doing great! We've emailed some,
but I was so excited to talk to her! So that was a fun surprise :)
That night we had a great FHE with the Salas family from Genova 1.
Their son is less active and his wife isn't a member. The anziani have
been teaching her. There was also her sister there who is 13. She was
cute. It was a fun FHE.

Yesterday was a bidone day where every. single. appointment that we
had got cancelled...but we were able to reschedule ALL of them!!
Yay! And we got ahold of a lady named Ami who was a referral from
President and Sister Dibb. Ami is from Albania and is here in Genova
with her husband for a few months. She had met with the missionaries
there a few times and wanted to continue so now we get to teach her!
When we called her she was SO happy that we called!  She said she had
been wondering how she would be able to contact the missionaries here!
She sounds so nice and cute!

Well, that's pretty much my week! Miracles happen everyday and I know
that Heavenly Father is guiding us! I just love working and serving
the people here!
Have a great week!

Vi voglio bene!
Sorella Dixon

On exchanges with Sorella Shoenhalls

"The view from our balcony on a rainy day"

"A delicious dish called caprese. It has tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, olive oil, salt, and pepper. 
So simple yet so good!" 

"A typical site in Italy--pigeons"
(Reminds me of Mary Poppins)

"A beautiful church"

"Everyone here rides Vespas and motorcycles"

"If you look at the right in the lower half you can see 
Christopher Columbus's house!" 

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