Thursday, February 4, 2016

Staying in Bologna!!! Getting a companion from the PHILIPPINES!!!!

Caio Tutti!

Come state? Happy February! It's so crazy that January is already
done! Valentine's Day will be coming up pretty shortly! It's
cute because a bunch of shops already have cute little Valentine's
decorations in their windows :) There's also an Italian holiday called
Carnivale in February. I guess it's kind of like Halloween, but in
February. People dress up and they have these fried scone things
topped with powdered sugar. We see those everywhere!

Work in Bologna is going great. We got transfer calls this week and I
will be staying here! Yay! :D Sorella Russell will be going to Pisa.
and I'll be getting a new companion named Sorella Albos who is from
the Philippines! I'm so excited! :D

This week was great! Helena is still doing great. 
We learn so much
about her life every time. She has had such a crazy life! (Really, we
hear a TON. She sure knows how to TALK! And she always says that she
talks too much. And then in the closing prayer she'll say sorry for
talking so much haha. But it's understandable because she's alone
practically everyday so she has no one to talk to. We were telling her
about visiting teaching, and she's so excited, she just said that she's
going to have to learn how to talk less!) She has really tried
out every religion and has now found the truth. It's amazing to see
how God has prepared her. A huge difference the church has that other
churches don't, is the feeling of the spirit. This week she talked to us about
the spirit. She LOVES it. It's so amazing to see how she has developed
her testimony and how much it grows everyday. It's also amazing to see
how much the gospel changes a person. She is so different than when we
first met her-- and that was only 20 days ago. Not different in
personality, but spirituality. She's so happy despite her hard
situation. She can't walk and has lost her daughter. Has had to deal
with a horrible relationship. Lives alone with no job. Has had so many
bad things happen to her because of other people. Yet she always has a
smile on her face and is looking for ways to give and serve other

This week we had a few activities with the ward which was fun. We had
a talent show and we also helped out with the Young Women's New
Beginnings. These youth are So. Strong. They are so alone in their
beliefs and values, yet they stay strong because they know how much
the gospel will bless and help them.

We had a neat little miracle before seeing Gilda this week. 
We go
there and she wasn't home yet, so we did some casa while we waited. We
probably did about 3 buildings and it wasn't until the very last door
that we tried that someone actually let us talk to them. A girl
answered. She looked maybe 20 or 21, and she said she believed in
Christ and stuff, she just didn't go to church. Pretty typical for
people here. We talked about the Book of Mormon a little bit and she
said she could come back a few days later. So we went back Sunday
evening and she let us in. We go in the kitchen and her Grandma is
there. And she was exactly how a typical Catholic older lady is. She is
very set in her religious ways, loves the Madonna and the Pope, and is
"too old to change". But she was very nice and we had a really good
conversation about God and prayer. But she wasn't interested at all so she
eventually left. But we still got to teach Giada, the girl. She is
from Napoli and we found out that she's 17 (everyone always look older
than they really are...). She liked the restoration and tried to pay
us when we gave her the the Book of Mormon. but then we said that all
we wanted was for her read it and let us come back. And she agreed!
She really does seem interested. when we taught the part about
families in the restoration and how the gospel blesses families with
love and more harmony, she said we came at the right time, because
their family kind of has problems and lot of contention. It's pretty
neat that she cares about helping her family and growing spiritually.
So we really hope we can help them and continue to see her!

Well, this week I just want to leave you with a quote: 

"We must remember that those mortals we meet in parking lots, offices,
elevators, and elsewhere are that portion of mankind God has given us
to love and to serve. It will do us little good to speak of the
general brotherhood of mankind if we cannot regard those who are all
around us as our brothers and sisters.” -Spencer W. Kimball

Since it's February, the time when we think a little more about love,
I hope that we can remember that we can love everyone! Even those we
don't know! In the parking lot, on the bus, in the office, at the
store, in school, and at home. God has GIVEN them to us so we can
serve them. Look for little ways to serve and help others feel a
little bit of God's love this month. :)
Love you all!  or... Vi voglio un sacco di bene!
Sorella Dixon

Last few days with Sorella Russell

English class

Beautiful Bologna

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