Thursday, February 25, 2016

Helena is Set for Baptism on Saturday!

Cari tutti!

Hello from beautiful Bologna! The weather is getting warmer so it has
been nice. Although occasionally there is rain. And it's still pretty humid.

This week was a great week! It was actually full of conferences. On
Friday we had a zone conference in Mestre and it was so great! We
really learned how to become master teachers. Also, Sorella Albos and
I had the opportunity to lead a discussion about the mission broadcast
we saw a few weeks ago. In it Anziano Bednar had a portion where he
lead a discussion about the spirit with missionaries. So we were able
to follow his format. The missionaries were really good about
commenting and their thoughts and experiences. It was really good. I
learned so much from them. I also learned a lot about the spirit. He
truly is the teacher and when we come with an open heart and an open
mind he can teach us so much. In this zone conference we talked a lot
about repentance. Someone said "Repentance is change and joy". I also
really liked "We don't become what we don't think about".
Train Ride

"This was once an old barn. Now it's a church."
Then Sunday was stake conference and that was amazing :) It was in
Mestre again and Helena was able to come! A few members gave her a
ride and she loved it!! It was so neat because after the conference
they had a little meeting with new converts and friends of the church
where people got to share their conversion story. Hearing how people
found the gospel and the blessings they have received from the gospel
was so powerful. I love how most of them talked about the PEACE they
felt in their lives from the gospel. Incredible. And seeing their
strength and example now as members is amazing.

"A ride to stake conference with our ward mission leader and wife"

Stake conference

President Dibb shared a great story with us about missionary work.
There was a stake president in Italy who had a friend he wanted to
share the gospel with. He was weighing between risking his friendship
or not taking the opportunity to help his friend gain eternal life. So
he decided to invite his friend to church. When he did his friend
declined and went home and told his wife how we was invited to go to
church. And then she, "Well, if he's your friend, why don't you go?" So
he and his wife went to church with the member friend. Then as the
stake president was telling the story he said, "And now today, that
friend is my bishop."
Incredible huh? Sometimes we can get scared to share the gospel, but
fear is not from the spirit. If we have faith in Christ, we don't need
to fear. God loves our friends just as much and more than we do, and
He has a plan for them.
"I like this photo because President Dibb is laughing"

Yesterday we went to another zone conference in Rimini and it was just
as great :) I just love being with missionaries! This time when we did
the discussion it was completely different than the one we did in
Mestre. I think that's why I loved doing these discussions. We were
able to completely follow the spirit and talk about things according
to the needs of each group. The others were able to say the things
they were feeling in their hearts at that time and really learn from
the spirit.

In between all these conferences we still were able to see lots of
people, so that's good :)

Helena is doing great and is all set for her baptism this Saturday! :D
It will be amazing! Feb 27th- the perfect day, Happy Birthday Mom! :D

We were able to see one of the Stirbu's cousin on Saturday. So when we
go to this house there's the mom who doesn't speak Italian at all...
so we usually have to rely on someone to translate. So one time it was
this son that we had met but hadn't really gotten to know or teach.
He's usualy the one there in the background who's not really
interested or doesn't say anything. So we start teaching him the
restoration, he was just translating for the Mom, but then as we got
more into the lesson he was really into it and interested. As we gave
him the Book of Mormon and explained it he was really reading the
words and trying to understand. And then he agreed to praying at the
end. It was so neat! He also has a wife and 2 kids! The wife came home
just as we were leaving, but we ended up seeing her a different day,
and she really opened up to us. So I'm excited to keep teaching them!
Their names are David and Anna Maria :)

Well. I hope everyone has a great and last week of February! :D
Vi voglio bene!!! :D

Sorella Dixon

""Carnivale with our Bishop"

There's always "good food "pictures!

"Just a cute street"

"Valentine's package from home"

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