Wednesday, March 2, 2016

II Battesimo!!!!!

Cari tutti!

This was a great week!! There's soooo much that happened! I can't tell
you everything so i'll just tell you a few experiences--

So Saturday was Helena's baptism and it was so beautiful! 
She was so happy and just glowing!!  So many members
of the ward ended up coming. The support was so great!

 It was so sweet because she met a member
while at stake conference last Sunday who lived in Pordenone and she
came all the way down just to go to Helena's baptism.

On Monday after the baptism we talked to Helena about the weekend and
she said the feeling after a baptism is weird. It's so different than
anything she's ever felt. It really is like being born again.
We had an amazing lesson with her this week about the Atonement and
agency. She was studying the Bible and the Pearl of Great Price (she
could NOT wait until she was able to get the Pearl of Great Price and
the Doctrine and Covenants! She had to wait awhile since we had to
order it from the office in Portuguese). And she really realized how
important it is to keep covenants after baptism. I remember when Elder
Bednar came here last year he talked about this too. How our agency
kind of changes after we make covenants. We don't really have a choice
not to keep them. It's more of representative agency I think he called it.

This week we had a couple of scambi. One time I was with Sorella
"Scambio with Sorella Fuller
Fuller. She's in my group so it was fun! The morning we didn't have
any appointments set up so we were going to do casa, but first we were
going to try to passby by one of Corina's cousins. But she didn't
quite understand that or just forgot or something... because when we
got to the door and I rang the door a little girl opened and said
"Ciao!!" and then i just went right in and started talking to all the
people there (because we have been there before) and Sorella Fuller
totally thought we were just doing casa! Haha too bad it really wasn't
like that and we just found a great new family to teach! But it was
still a great lesson! We started teaching one of the cousins named
Cristina. (this family HUGE. the cousins are seriously never ending!!)
She is really serious about baptism though and really wants to FEEL
something and learn things well before she's baptized. It was such a
great lesson.

Another great lesson we had this week was with Irena. We decided to
teach her the restoration again since the time we taught it to her she
wasn't really there the full time. And this time when we went there
both her husband and her baby were asleep so she was really able to
focus. We taught just a simple restoration but the spirit was so
strong. Then at the end we had her say the prayer and she did and we
could really tell she was saying a really good meaningful prayer (it
was actually in Italian so we actually understood it this time!) and
then afterward she said she felt something inside her! I feel like
this was really the first time she had a good experience with prayer
or the spirit because she said she didn't really feel close to God or
Christ. So that was so neat!

We saw Chiara this week! She is such an example of strength and
patience. Her husband is against her getting baptized so that's why
she can't right now. But we was asking us about fasting and told us
that she has been putting aside money as tithing until she can pay it
as a member. Because she does want to become a member, she's just
going to live as much as a member until she can. She has never fasted
though so we talked about that and she is planning on doing it this
Sunday :)

Scripture for this week:
"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love
God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28

Even though some times things are hard, they always work out. I know
that God is in charge. We are on HIS side. If we just love Him and try
our best He will help us out. If we really search and recognize the
blessings we will see that He is there EVERYDAY!

Love you all so much! Remember, Love is a part of us. It's natural. So
go out and show it :)
vi voglio bene,
Sorella dixon

"Sorella Albos is an amazing pianist"

Never a shortage of pizza!
"At a different baptism, trying to distract this kiddo"
Notice his missionary tag!

"These are the Fratta girls.  They are so cute! Their Dad is half
Italian and half Canadian, and their Mom is Columbian.  Camila is the one
to my left. She is the only LDS YW at her school."

"Eating lunch at the church"

"On top of the tower"

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