Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Strumenti nelle sue mani (Instruments in His Hands)

Cari Tutti!

I feel like I say this every week, but really this week was filled
with so many miracles!! I already mentioned this on Skype, but on
Sunday we had an amazing lesson with a girl named Bruna. She is 15
years old and from Bologna. Her uncle is a member, and we met her when
she and her dad came to an activity we had in January. She then came
to another one and then started coming to church and now comes
practically every week. We haven't been able to meet with her until
now but when we did the spirit was so strong. She had already been
reading the Book of Mormon and loves it. And she took Moroni's promise
to heart and prayed about it and is already feeling the spirit in her
life. It's incredible the spiritual growth she has already had in
these last few months. She just soaks everything in and comments more
in YW and Sunday school than most of the other youth! It's incredible
the strength that youth have! I know the youth are going to grow the
kingdom of God here! She accepted the baptismal invite and we were
even able to set a baptismal date with her for the 28th of May! So we
are praying everything will go well for that!

Along with youth, on Monday we had an incredible miracle. I was on a
Scambio with Sorella Bartsch serving in Ravenna right now. The
appointment we had fell through so we decided to do some casa. This is
in the area where Corina and Ovidio used to live, and where Sorina
lives. It's practically a gold mine! And there's still more gold!
Because we were able to talk to a lot of people. At one door a lady
answers and wasn't interested, but her two kids wanted to watch the
video we had. So they watched SeguiLo while the mom just went in and
watched tv. Then afterward these two kids started asking us amazing
questions and sharing stuff they believed. Mamma Mia!!!  I now understand
how a 14 year old boy could've had such a desire to find the truth and
then be called to Restore The Church of Jesus Christ! These 10 year old
children were so spiritually mature. Incredible. We talked to them for
quite awhile just at the door. The boy, Massimo, asked about where the
church was and said that he could come there to see us. And then we
said we could come back to their house sometime and then he was like
"oh that would be so much easier!" We asked the mom if it would be ok
if we could come back, and she was kind of hesitant, but then asked if
they wanted us to and they were like "YES!!" So that will be exciting!
Another Casa miracle is when we talked to a lady and shared a little
message about Christ and then she said that she was having a hard day
because her father-in-law just passed away. We were able to bear
testimony and say a prayer with her. I love seeing how God guides us
exactly to the people who need a little comfort or love.

Last week we were able to see Alisa! She is Gilda's daughter and a
little bit ago we actually taught her the restoration and she loved it
and said she was going to pray that night! Well, we saw her again and
talked a little bit more about it and about the Book of Mormon. Then
we were able to watch the Restoration video with her another time. And
she just loved it. She really felt the spirit, especially during the
first vision. She asked us for the website so she could show her

Helena is doing well :) Her boyfriend Bilal was meeting with the
Anziani, but then something happened and he didn't really want to do
anything with the church. And he is still hesitant about all that. But
on Tuesday we were planning on seeing Helena. And that morning I was
studying about prayer and we decided to change our lesson plans and
talk about that with her. So when we got there Bilal was there and he
ended up staying for the lesson and was even participating! It was
exactly what he needed. Just something simple, but so important. At
the end he even said the prayer!! I hope this will help him be more
open to the church now.

This week it was so amazing to see just how God's plan is perfect.
When we follow the spirit and try to do what he wants us to do, we can
truly be instruments in God's hands. We were able to do a couple of
scambi this week and it's so neat to see how each and every Scambio is
soooo perfect for the other Sorella. Even though plans fall through or
sometimes crazy things happen that aren't planned it's exactly what's
supposed to happen and I love it!

I hope everyone has a great week! Love you all so much!!
Buona settimana e vi voglio bene!! :D
Sorella Dixon
"Bruna! This is right after the great lesson we had!"
"Sorella Hernandez. From the Philippines! A brand new Sorella in
the mission."

Zone Conference

"Lunch at zone conference! Yes, we all get our own pizza. Delish!"

"Bikes, Bikes, Bikes"
"Sorella Lico! Who let us skype at her house!"

"Scambio with Sorella Bartsch! This a little window that looks out
to the canal in the middle of the city."

"The canal"

"Someone told me I looked like Elsa...And Sorella Marostica like Anna...
So this is our Elsa and Anna picture."

"Just a cute Piadiona shack!"

"Alise! And her two kids. They are adorable!"

"Talking on the bus"
"We watched parts of Conosci I Mormoni in Church with Cristina and Maria"

"Oh, this is a story...haha after the video we went out to the bus stop...
and the buses stopped coming because there was a soccer game that night."
"Yes, that's me in Christina's heels"
"My baby" (Sorella Dixon trained Sorella Goethals)

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