Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Find JOY Now!

Cari tutti!
Buongiorno from Bologna! The weather has been so great here lately!
Only a few rainy days. But most days are hot and sunny :) There are
lots of people out and about which makes it fun.
This last week was great :) we were able to do a couple of scambi and
had a zone conference in Rimini yesterday.
Sorella Marostica and I see lots of miracles in Bologna and
through these scambi. She's learning the city better, so that's a good
help :) We always have great conversations together and learn so much
from each other.

This week we were reflecting a lot on teaching. But mainly teaching
other missionaries. This transfer is pretty short and by the end we'll
do seven scambi. And we're also doing four zone conferences. I'm
learning a lot more about being a leader and teaching other
missionaries. It has been great. Yesterday during the conference
President Dibb talked about how we are ALL training. We're training
people how to live the gospel of Christ. We're training members how to
be missionaries. And I also thought how we are training missionaries
 to be true disciples of Jesus Christ. He talked about stretching.
He said to reach beyond ourselves. Think of our possibilities. Think
about what we can do. Then SHOW others what they can do. That's the
incredible part about working with so many Sorelle. We get to see
their potential and help them see how much they really can do!
Before we did each Scambio Sorella Marostica and I fasted to know what
should be our vision for the scambi and we decided to focus on Joy.
Finding joy in the work. We used the scriptures 3 Nephi 28:9-10 and
had each sister read the "Forget Me Not" talk by President Uchtdorf
before coming. It was been neat to see just how inspired that theme
was and how much it has helped each Sorella. This work really is a
work of JOY, and I think we can forget that. Especially when it's hard
and the work is slow. We had one experience in general when one sister
asked us specifically WHY we chose to have them read that talk. What
was it in specific? And we said the "Forget not to be Happy NOW"
section. And that was exactly what she has been trying to focus on
lately. I love to see how God's plan is so perfect and individual!
I also love doing all these zone conferences because I learn so much
each time from the missionaries. When we do our training, it's really
the other missionaries who make it great through their comments and
experiences. The spirit is always so strong and it's so amazing to see
how the spirit works inside each one of us.

About a few people-
We weren't able to see Bruna at all this week... Which was a bummer.
And she didn't come to church. She has been suuuuper busy with school.
So we'll have to move her baptismal date. But that's ok. God has a
plan, and we want to make sure everything is according to His plan.
Hopefully we'll be able to see her soon though.

Maria and Cristina are great. It's always crazy when we go over. But
we end up having great lessons in the kitchen. :) This last week we
told them we would come Monday or Tuesday and they were fine with
either day, but then Maria called us Monday about three times before
we were able to pick up asking us if we were coming. She always feels
such a difference when we come over and teach and notices that
difference when the time goes by after too long. Also Cristina has
really been praying about what we have been teaching and had an
interesting dream. I'm not exactly sure what it means... But hopefully
she'll be able to know for herself. Yesterday when we went over they
weren't home yet so we did some parco and talked to about 8 friends in
a group and it was such a neat experience. They asked so many
questions and were really interested in what we had to say. Then
random people just kind of joined and had other questions. So that was
fun :)

Gilda called on Sunday!! It was so good to hear from her!! We couldn't
talk for long. But it was still a small tender mercy. Also her
daughter Alisa is doing super well. We were teaching her the plan of
salvation and she was just mesmerized. She had never thought about
where we were before this life. You could just see how her brain was
just expanding and the wheels were turning. She wasn't able to come to
church on Sunday. We even got her tickets for the bus... But then her
brother took them and went to school... Since he hasn't been able to
go to school because they don't have money for bus tickets... So we're
going to have to figure that out.

Helena and Bilal are great. Bilal actually came to church on Sunday!
And he wants to meet with the anziani again. :)
And Massimo and Daria are so smart!! We went back and taught the plan
of salvation and they just loved it!! They asked such great questions
until they understood it and accepted it. It's amazing how
children  know truth!

Well, that's all I have time for. I hope everyone finds joy NOW.
"The Lord has called us to work with Him in producing His
masterpieces-- the people around us."
Buona settimana! Vi voglio bene!
Sorella Dixon


"The castle"

"Street with umbrelli!"

"Can you find me?"
"Last picture before Anziano Pacella left! He's serving in Georgia.
He was just here waiting for his visa."

"In Ferrara"

"Selfie! Photo bomb..."

"Delicious food we ate today. I had cappellacci di zucca. It's kind of like
ravioli with pumpkin filling. Then with ragu sauce. So good!"

"The famous bread in Ferrara. It's the one on the left."
"Train ride to Rimini"
"Gelato! Of course!"

"The Whitings. They left last Monday. But guess what? They'll be in Utah in July!"

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