Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Dio guida questo lavoro (God is Guiding This Work)

Cara Famiglia e Cari amici,

Well, we got transfer calls this week.... And... I'm staying in
BOLOGNA!! Haha yep I'll be finishing in this wonderful city of
miracles. 5 transfers. Crazy. How do I feel about that? I am soooo
happy. This transfer I tried to figure out how I would feel if I left
or if I stayed, and every time I thought about leaving my heart just
ached. I love these people so much. The members, investigators, and
people on the street. I love this beautiful city so much. It has
become my home. I know it almost like the back of my hand ormai! Doing
five transfers in a city is still pretty crazy, but I know I'm here
for a reason and I still have work to do!!

I can't believe this transfer of five weeks is now over. They just
flew! But at the same time, we did soooooo sooo much. Working with
Sorella Marostica was amazing. I'm so grateful for the unity and
friendship we developed. We got along super well and learned so much
from each other. I know she will do great work as she starts off on a
new adventure. We've talked a lot about missions and life and
something that we've talked about a lot is giving our whole heart to
God and becoming a new creature. It's amazing how much the mission
really does change you. It's the hardest thing I've been through, but
the most refining. I have already felt the change in my heart and am
so grateful for the Atonement. I'm excited to keep giving my whole
heart during this next transfer.

This last week we've had some powerful lessons and great miracles. Two
weeks ago a lady just randomly showed up in church named Wealth. She's
African and has been in Italy for a year. We found out she was a
member and hasn't been to church because when she tried to look it up
online she couldn't find it near by, but it turned out to be just a
few streets from her house! She figured that out when she saw the
anziani on the street one day. So we wanted to meet with her to help
her get back to church and prepare her because she wants to go to the
temple again. So we had an appointment set up and she told us she was
going to be really late. We were already in her area, so we decided to
do some casa. We did a POPP (it's just where we read a scripture  and
talk about a principle with each other) and said a prayer. That really
helped us get the spirit and focus on the work more. We did casa and
no one was interested. Pretty typical. But then finally someone
answered the door and let us in! She was a lady from Nigeria named
Blessing :) We shared a message about Christ and she said we could
come back! We've been back to give her a Book of Mormon but weren't
able to stay much longer. But then it turns out that the Anziani had
talked to her and her husband a few weeks ago on the bus and got their
number. So this week they got in contact with them and they said that
missionaries had been by and brought them a Book of Mormon! And then
she asked some great questions! This little family really must need to
meet the missionaries!! I'm so excited!
Then we had a great lesson with Wealth and her roommate ended up being
a lady who answered the door when we were doing casa (we didn't know
Wealth lived there...) and said she wasn't interested. Haha but then
we got to talk to her and she asked some questions. Then Wealth said
she was asking her a bunch of stuff later!

On Sunday last week we taught an amazing family that we found recently
and this week we went back. It was so cute because that morning it was
raining pretty hard and Simona (the mom) said as she saw the rain she
was thought about us and was worried we might not come. That was a
neat miracle because people tend to forget we are even coming.... She
said that after we left the last time we had left a pamphlet and she
didn't realize it until later. When she saw it she  felt so happy
and looked through it at the pictures. She can't read but she could
feel something just from the images. We had an incredible lesson with
her. She opened up with us and shared with us her concerns and
worries in life and we were able to bear strong testimony of the Book
of Mormon and how much peace it can bring into her life. She has
daughters that will be able to read to her. And they really wanted to
read as a family.

This week we have actually seen sooo many people so Sorella Marostica
can say goodbye. So there will be lots of pictures ;) And so many of
the lessons have been so powerful. The spirit has been so strong and
the people have been able to recognize that!

Solo voglio dire che questa missione è meravigliosa, incredibile,
bellissima. Imparo qualcosa ogni giorno. Lavoro missionario è
bellissimo. So che Dio guida questo lavoro e se siamo pronti possiamo
essere fortunati di fare parte in questo lavoro. Miracoli succedono.
Dio rispondono alle preghiere. E i cuori sono guariti.
Vi voglio un mondo di bene!
Sorella Dixon
(Translation: Only I want to say that this mission is wonderful , incredible,
gorgeous. I learn something every day . Missionary work is
beautiful . I know that God is guiding this work and if we are ready we can
be lucky to take part in this work . Miracles happen .
God's answer to prayer . And hearts are healed .
I love you so much!
Sister Dixon
: D)

Here's lots of photos from Sorella Savannie. She didn't have time for captions, but from the looks of them so knows and loves many people in the great land of Italy!!

Companion packing to go home!

Italian shoes for the Elders! (the golden tan ones)


I think she looks Italian in this photo!! :)

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