Thursday, June 23, 2016


Cari Tutti!

Well this has been quite the week! So first off, Last pday Sorella
Taylor and I went to Rimini to help out two sisters. And long story
short-- I am now officially in Rimini with Sorella Rosano. We did a
space transfer, so her companion is now in Bologna with Sorella
Taylor. Crazy stuff. I wasn't really expecting that to happen, but
when I look back I can see how Heavenly Father has been preparing me.
Rimini is a beautiful little city by the ocean. The ward is amazing
here and we've seen some great miracles. We also ride bikes!! Yay!!
Finalmente!! Haha I'm excited to serve here for another three weeks.

So about a few people and happenings here in Rimini:
We're teaching these two kids named Heili and Dilan. They are from
Ecuador (woot!) and just so adorable. Heili is thirteen and Dilan is
9. We have had really good lessons with them. Sorella Rosano is such
an incredible missionary. Mamma Mia. Sometimes I just stare at her in
awe as she speaks because she says amazing things, and when she speaks
she is full of the spirit. Pretty much everyone who listens is just
fixed on her while she speaks. Anyway she has a really good way to get
others to open up and share their concerns. Heili is so cute
and has opened up to us so much. At first when we asked her what her
expectations were from us she said she wanted some new friends. We
also talked about other things and then the next time when we asked
her again what she expected from us, after having thought about the
things we talked about with her, she said she wants to change and
become a better person. Incredible. That really is what the gospel is
about. Changing and improving everyday.

There is a woman who they set a baptism date with before I came named
Giulia, but I still haven't been able to see her. We've had lessons
set up with her but she has been incredibly busy with work. She's so
cute though, when we've been able to talk to her on the phone she says
she wants to meet with us so badly so she can be ready for her baptism!
Hopefully I'll get to meet her soon.

Yesterday we taught a less-active named Angela who hasn't had the
missionaries over for 20 years. But Sorella Rosano and another sister
taught her one time and she really felt the spirit so she is open to
having the missionaries come back. So we saw her again this week and
had an incredible lesson with her. We mainly talked about God's love.
We were actually planning on doing the restoration, but then she asked
questions and made comments and stuff, and we mainly just talked about
that. Which was super good. On Sunday actually we were talking about
missionary work for part of Relief Society and something that I love
that was mentioned was how when we help others focus on improving
their relationship with God, they change and start to do the right
things without having to focus on the things they aren't doing that's
right. Angela really opened up and talked about a concern she has so
we were also able to address that.

Something that I really like that Sorella Rosano has been doing is
really searching for how she can serve the members. She looks
for even the tiniest things she can do to brighten their day or make
them feel loved. For example, this last Sunday she had two letters she
had written to give to some women in the ward. And we also gave some
cookies to a few other people. We were also able to help a lady clean
her house before a bunch of teenagers from around Italy came to stay
with her for an EFY type of thing they did here last weekend. I've
loved it! In Italy there aren't really a ton of service projects we
can do around the ward, but we have been able to find little things to
serve the members.

Even though is was sad to leave Bologna and I miss the people there,
it has been good to have a change. I like getting to serve in a
different city, teaching new people, and learning the ways of
missionary work here.

A small thought that I want to leave you with: La fede porta la conoscenza--
Faith brings knowledge. If we want to gain more spiritual knowledge,
just have faith and really believe in it (the scriptures, a doctrine,
etc.)  and you will come to a greater knowledge of it. Why? Because
then we live it and we can see how it applies to our lives.

Well, I hope everyone has a great summer week!

Ciao from Rimini!
Con amore,
Sorella Dixon

*****Sorella Dixon didn't send photos this weeks, so I decided to look on her mission's blog and found these recent photos of her. As an STL, she has had the opportunity to travel the mission to teach and serve. I am sure she has loved meeting and working with so many missionaries.*****

Practicing for musical number in Vicenza

Sister Training Leaders
Padova Area of the Venezia Zone at the Vicenza Church - May 19, 2016

Lunch in Pordenone

Special musical number in Pordenone

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