Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Spirit Works Wonders

Cari Tutti!
I hope everyone had a great week! It is definitely summer here. It is
hot and humid all day everyday! Luckily we are blessed to have a/c in
our house :D meno male!
This week was great. We've been doing a ton of finding. but it has been
good. And this week we saw many little miracles. Whether it be
having a really good gospel conversation or lesson with someone,
seeing random people who we've taught before in random places,
receiving random referrals, etc. I love all mission miracles,
especially the little ones.

Sunday we were able to go to Bologna so I could get the rest of my
things since I only brought one suitcase with some of my things the
week before. And we were able to go to church so I could saw goodbye
to people. It was so good to see the members again and officially say
goodbye! They let me bear my testimony. I was also able to say goodbye
to a bunch of investigators and less-actives we worked with. And I got
to say goodbye to Helena. Even though it was sad to say goodbye to
these people, it didn't feel as sad as I thought it was going to be.
For some reason it just feels like I'll see them again sometime soon.
Like it told them all, "non e' addio, e' solo ci vediamo" :) I love
them all so much and they have all been apart in making me who I am
today. I have loved every single, crazy, amazing, spiritual experience
that I've had with them. I learned from them and have felt the spirit
work through me to help them. It felt good to officially say goodbye
since when I left to Rimini it was just kind of spur of the moment.

An amazing miracle that happened yesterday-
So we went to a certain part of the city to see an ex-simpatizzante.
Turns out she forgot about our appointment and was out. She sounded
like she really does want to meet with us though, so we'll see her
sometime this week. Anyway, so we were just doing some finding in the
area and there was this girl on the bench. I felt like we should talk
to her, but it looked like she was on the phone, so I just go to hand
her a Bigliettino. She's actually not on the phone, but once she sees
it's a pass-along card of Christ, she immediately doesn't want to take
it and says she doesn't believe in God. She doesn't believe in
anything. We ask her why she says that and at first she's very closed
and doesn't want to talk to us. Sorella Rosano bears her testimony
though and she just listens. She doesn't really open up, but she
doesn't make us go away. So then I ask if we can help her in anyway.
We could even just listen to her. She says no, and that she's not a
very open person, but we did learn that she was mad about something.
She was mad at a lot of different things. One of the main ones was
because she didn't have work. Anyway long story short. She eventually
opens up more to us and we continue to talk about Christ and how He
can help her and show her Perche Egli Vive. And she feels the spirit.
THEN she gets a call and she got a job. Crazy. Right then and there.
She's a super sweet girl. She was angry because all these bad things
were happening to her even though she felt like she hadn't done
anything wrong. She actually said she would be open to hearing more
about what we have to say. So we are hoping and praying to see her
again! Her name is Rossella. :) it was so neat to see the change that
already happened inside her from when we first met her to the very
end! The spirit works wonders!!

Something Sorella Rosano and I were talking about this week was how
important it is to act and then work for what we want. We must be obedient
and obey God's laws and commandments in order to receive blessings. A
lot of times we ask for blessings and just see the end. But what do WE
have to do to receive the blessings?!

Anyway, have a great week! Happy 4th of July on Monday! :D And keep
President and Sorella Dibb in your prayers. They leave today. And also
President and Sorella Allen since they come in today!
Vi volgio un Sacco di bene!
Sorella Dixon

**Here are Sorella Dixon's latest photos. None came with a description, but with this view, I am not sure our sweet sorella is going to want to come home! 

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