Friday, July 8, 2016


Carissimi Tutti!
Wow, time has flown. I can't believe that another week has already come and gone and I get to tell you about how great it is being a missionary, yet again. :D Really, it truly is amazing.
I'm blessed to be able to serve in Rimini these last few weeks in my mission because we have been able to do a lot of finding and talk to so many people! I love being able to talk to and get to know people of all sorts and bear my testimony to them. People believe so many different things and it's amazing we have the power and authority to bring them the TRUTH. So often this week people talked about the people of the world and how they are fake and you can't trust them. They talked about all these different ideas they had heard and different opinions they have read about. They don't know what to believe. But we know what to believe because we have the Holy Ghost who testifies to us the truth. I have loved serving with Sorella Rosano because she is so Bold and fears no man. Her testimony is so strong and and is full of POWER when she speaks. It's amazing to work right along side with her.

I also love getting to know and serve with the members here. Let me tell you about one member in specific. His name is Fratello Scarpulla and is about 90 years old. He used to be a priest for the Catholic church and actually worked in the Vatican. How in the world did he become a member? Actually I don't really know the full story, but I know that he was so high in the Catholic church that he had access to the archives in the vVtican. And so he saw EVERYTHING. He knew the scandals, the work, he read the letters between popes and priests, and saw everything that went on. And he knew it was wrong. So eventually he left, got married, and 20 years later became a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  He knows the apostasy is REAL. He saw it with his own two eyes, in the deepest parts of the catholic church. It's incredible to understand how much actually happened and how much people changed the church of Christ. He is such a wise, spiritual man. And it was so neat to get to know him.

This week we were able to see Giulia! Finally! She has a baptismal date for the end of this month. She is adorable and we love teaching her. She loves church and just soaks everything in. It's incredible to see the faith she has, even with the difficulties that she is facing.

I've been thinking a lot this week about testimony. Joseph F. Smith said, "A testimony of the gospel is a convincing knowledge given by revelation to the individual who humbly seeks the truth." A testimony, a strong testimony, is SO important in a world like today. And we can't just rely on the testimony we received in the past. Food eaten 5 or 10 years ago does us no good today, we need and use the food we eat TODAY. A testimony received 5 or 10 years ago without being built upon doesn't really help us today. We need the testimony we receive TODAY. I invite everyone to pray again to gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon. Even if you know it is true. That added spiritual confirmation will build your testimony and make it even stronger. I know that building a testimony is so so important and will help us everyday, especially during the difficult times.

Well, I hope everyone has a great week. Search for miracles and search for ways to bear your testimony, even in the littlest of ways!!
I know that this is restored church of Jesus Christ, and it is the only true church on the earth. And we are so blessed to have that knowlege.
vi voglio un sacco di bene!
Sorella Dixon

"Delicious gelato I may or may not have eaten."

Cutest bicycle missionaries around!!

"Cute Streets"

"There are stands like this da per tutto."

"New mission president and his wife"

"Seeing Sorella Taylor while in Bologna"

"Cute Sorelle who serve in Ravenna"

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