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Miracles in Genova

Cart Tutti!
Buongiorno! I hope everyone is doing great! Its hard to believe that July is almost over! Where is the time going? I've almost been in Italy 5 whole months! It seems like yesterday I was telling people, It's my first week here! haha 
This week we had so many miracles! I feel like I say that every week... but its true every time! So last Thursday we had 3 lessons planned, at 5:00, 6:30 and then at 7:00. Well the bus to go to the one at 5 was a lot longer than we thought.... so we thought that maybe we'd have to go a different time and just go straight back so we could make it to the one at 6:30 since the lady we were going to visit was in the hospital. So we planned on doing that, but then the bus to go back didn't come for another half hour! So we got to visit Ester anyway! And it was really good too. I think she really needed us to come see her. Then on the way back we were trying to call Sophya, the appointment at 6:30 to tell her we'd be late... or try to reschedule and it turns out that she could see us at 8:30 instead! It worked better for her and for us! 
So then at 7 we went to go see Elisabetta. She's the lady from Poland who has met with the missionaries for a long time. We invited a member (that in and of itself was a miracle. We wanted a member for Elisabetta but didn't know who... so we tried calling people who lived in Sampierdarena and the 2nd lady we called was home and said she could come!) So we walked with her all the way to Elisabetta's... when Elisabetta answered and said she had friends over.... so she couldn't see us. Crush. Bummer. That was a let down. I'm used to bidones, but it was hard since we had a member with us! We have another appointment with her tomorrow, so hopefully that one will work this time!

Friday we had a lesson with Gift. She is from Nigeria and was baptized last year sometime. She hasn't been coming to church lately so we have been trying to meet with her since the first day I got here but she always gets called into work or can't see us... so finally we got to see her! :D When we got there she was suuuuper tired and ... she wasn't really paying attention and was pretty impatient with her daughters. We talked about the Book of Mormon and she told us she always feels so much better when she reads it. She used to read it everyday and also would pick it up when she felt angry or impatient and it would help. But lately she hasn't been reading. So we committed her to read it so she can see those blessings in her life again and she also told us why she hasn't been coming to church a lately. So we got to help her with that! She couldn't come last week... but hopefully she'll come this week. We actually talked to a member this week who knows her and would be good to bring to lessons so we're hoping we can see Gift with her sometime! The change in Gift by the end was so amazing. She totally switched from being tired and upset, to being so grateful that we came and giving hugs all around! The spirit changes people. She just needed a little reminding of what the spirit can do!

Saturday morning we met with Ramiro. He's a guy who randomly came to English class a couple weeks ago, actually sat in a lesson we had with Neve and Chiara one day, and  who is now learning about the church! He was really interesting in learning the piano, so we said we would teach him for a little bit and then do a lesson afterward. We were kind of in a predicament because he's a single man and the Anziani are supposed to teach single men.... we technically can teach them in the church, but it's still good to have a woman there and we're supposed to pass them to the Anziani. It would've been fine just to have the Anziani teach him but he wanted to learn piano and they don't know piano... So we go Saturday morning to the church and he was there and had invited a friend! Who happened to be a woman and a really awesome member! It turns out that she told him about English class, so he told her about learning the piano! So that turned out great! He also knows a really strong member family because all of these people live in the same building! We figured everything out with the Anziani too. They are going to do the normal lessons with him, but we'll still do English and the piano lessons and just share a spiritual thought afterward. The one lesson that we did have with him was great! He really wants to know which church is true. 

That afternoon we had a lesson with Neve and Chiara and they surprised us by bringing a cousin and a friend! Neve's cousin is here only on vacation and can't really speak Italian or English... so i don't really know how much she got... but Chiara's friend was really interested! We're going to see them again tonight! It was so great because we had Sarah, a member, come. She got home from serving at Temple Square in April. She is so great! She loves to speak English with us and she has the most American accent I've heard any Italian have! She speaks English really well.

Saturday night we also saw Cate. I don't know if I told you about her. She is South African. She married an Italian so that's why she's here. He died about 20 years ago but a couple months before he died he brought home a Book of Mormon and then Cate talked to the missionaries on the train. She tells us soooo many great stories. She's hilarious! She has all these great sayings. She's inactive because she can't walk. And she lives so far out that no one can take her to church... so we visit her and the Anziani have permission to take her the sacrament. She tells us all about her missionaries, her husband, and her crazy life. Her favorite color is green because she loves frogs! Her saying for FROG is Fully Rely On God.She's so cute! 

Sunday we met with Daniela again and this time with her husband Luigi! They didn't come to church because they "slept in".... but they know that that's not a good excuse.  Especially since they probably live the closest to the church out of all the members... We had a good lesson with them about the Book of Mormon. Apparently they have doubts about it and Joseph Smith, so we're going to help them gain a testimony! He mainly just doesn't think there's one true church because the work of men is imperfect. We brought them copies of the Book of Mormon because they don't have the ones they used to have anymore and they were pretty excited to have one again! They are super sweet and live in the cutest littlest apartment I've been in! It's adorable! 

Monday we had district meeting and holy camoly my district just cracks me up! The anziani are hilarious! But at the same time I learn so much from them! They are good missionaries. Its a great district! On our way to district meeting we tried to catch the 10:28 train but figured out there was no such thing so we had to wait another 15 minutes. As we were waiting I saw a lady sitting down, and so I went to go sit down kind of by her to try to start a conversation. As I talked to her she was responding just to be polite... but then we started talking about families. And then she was more open. We had a good conversation, and I told how much the gospel of Jesus Christ blesses families. We even prayed with her and she said we could come over and share more! That was a miracle! No wonder the train never came! We actually set up the appointment for Tuesday but when we went to her house her sister was at home and said she had to go to the doctors because she wasn't feeling well.... We called Paola later and she gave us another time to come see her. Usually with things like this where people bidone us and set up different times and such its because they aren't interested, but with her I don't think it's like this. At least I really hope not. I know the gospel can bless her and her family so much. 

Yesterday we visited a member, Susie, and her two girls! They are adorable! Then after that was when we tried to see Paola but she wasn't home... so we had to go with the backup plan and ended up seeing a less active and visited a guy who we talked to last week! His name is Osas and is from Nigeria. We met him when we were trying to do a less active passby and then ended up doing casa. He actually answered and was nice. We weren't able to go back when he said his wife would be home, so we tried yesterday. We taught him the Restoration, just at the door since his wife wasn't home... and he liked it. He said he had actually asked God which church was true once but still hasn't found it. We're going to see him and his wife Saturday.

Then later that day we were on our way out to see Mayra, a less active who is super sweet. When she texted us and cancelled.... now what...? That's when I decided to call Paola and make sure she was ok and then right after that Talia called. Talia is the lady who is meeting us with her mom who came to church last week, but they couldn't come this week because of work. She only has about 3 more days of work before she loses her job... then she has to search for a new one... Well, she called and told us she actually might not lose it!!! There's a chance someone in the hospital where she works will be leaving to a different hospital for something so she'll get to stay! She says she is hoping and praying! She said she opened the Book of Mormon and read 2 Nephi 9:20-21 and feels like those verses were written just for her. Beautiful! She'll find out Friday if she has a job or not, so we're praying! 

2 Nephi 9: 20-21:20 O how great the holiness of our God! For he knowethall things, and there is not anything save he knows it. 21 And he cometh into the world that he may save all men if they will hearken unto his voice; for behold, he suffereth the pains of all men, yea, the pains of every living creature, both men, women, and children, who belong to the family of Adam.
Then yesterday night we saw the Chunga family. They are such a great family! They love the missionaries! Their daughter is on a mission right now in Africa! They are the ones who are friends with Ramiro, and he actually just randomly showed up when we were there! So that was great :) Fratello Chunga said it was a such a great surprise when he found out that Ramiro was learning about the church! He was super happy that he came to church Sunday and even gave him a tie to wear. :)

So ya, this week was great! Miracles pretty much just fall into our laps! The anziani were asking what we were doing differently and I actually think it's because we're trying really hard to do 3 popps a day. (Popp is where we use a scripture to teach a doctrine, ask a question, and bear testimony to each other. It helps us know the scriptures and be able to teach simple truths quickly and effectively. We're supposed to do it at least 3 times a day.)   It's something that President Dibb is really stressing at the moment. They work. They bring miracles! Probably because it keeps our minds focused and brings the spirit quickly. I also think it's because every morning we pray to find someone who will accept the invitation to be baptized. Seriously everyday that we do that we have met someone. Maybe they don't become a new investigator, but they are a really solid potential. 

Well have a great week! Always look for tiny miracles and tender mercies! 
vi voglio bene!
Sorella Dixon

"Pizza. Pizza. Pizza. Here you order one per person".

"Sorella Russell thought I was too stressed, 
so we finger painted with food".

"My district"

"The things they think of doing during district meetings"

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