Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Six Months in His Service!

Cari Tutti!
This week was a great week! I can't believe I have been out 6 months!! Where does the time go?!? Genova is going great. I'ts big, huge actually! But that keeps us busy! 

 Thursday we had a zone training and interviews with President Dibb. This was my first actual interview with him and I was super happy to actually get to talk to him one on one. It was so great! He is definitely a man called of God and is so inspired. I could feel his power and love just radiating from him as we talked.

Thursday afternoon we had a lesson with a lady named Andreea. We found her in the area book. We were supposed to meet with her outside the Aquarium so we went and waited for a bit. Next to us were seated 2 ladies who were talking. Sorella Russell was making some calls so I decided I would start talking to them. We ended up having a good conversation about life and what brings them hope in this life because they were saying how bad the world is. I asked if I could show them what brings hope in my life and then I showed them a short Mormon message about Christ. It was really good. One of the ladies said her mom was actually a member but died several years ago. Unfortunately I couldn't get her name or number or talk much longer because Andreea came, and I had to go. But I love those little interactions with people that help lift their day and mine!

We had a great lesson with Andreea, and she said she believes in the Book of Mormon and wants to come to church, but she as work... come sempre....So we're praying for her to be able to come to church somehow!

Friday night we met with a member family and it was so great! Two of the kids served a mission in Rome! And they are doing great missionary work. Members always bring such a great spirit and just rejuvenate me! I'ts great to visit people who just automatically love the missionaries and want to see us! We are trying to work with members more because the sister missionaries haven't done a lot with members here in the past... And we have 2 wards we're over, so that gives us a lot of work!

Saturday there were 2 baptisms! One in the morning for a guy in Genova 1 and then one in the evening for a couple in Genova 2! They were so great! Right before the baptism in the evening we had English class so we invited all of our English students to the baptism and a lot of them came! We are actually teaching 2 of our English students right now. Neve and Chiara. They are 20 and 21. They are Catholic, but open to learning about our church. Neve is from Albania and is sooo energetic, but she's fun! She loves to talk and asks great questions. Chiara is more quiet, but she is super nice. We had a great lesson with them before English class and then they got to see what a baptism is like! At the baptism there was a lady who I thought was just a member so I was talking to her and she was super sweet! Then another lady told me she hasn't been to church in a loooooong time. So we asked if we could visit her sometime! She said she would love that so we went and saw her Monday! Her name is Daniella and she is from Genova! She and her husband were baptized in the 1990's but became inactive to search out other churches. She said though that all along she knew this was the true church. She said that she just needs the right time to come back. She said she came to the baptism because she was invited but she also thinks it was a push from her brothers on the other side telling her it's time for her to go back so she can do their work. That was a special experience she shared with us. We are going to meet with her and her husband and help them become strong again! 

Sunday we had lunch with a member, Sorella Fava. She is the cutest older lady who lives alone in a beautiful house. She LOVES to talk and she told us so many great stories and experiences! It was a miracle I could understand her! She was talking so fast and constantly! Haha but she was adorable!!! Then that night we had dinner with a lady whose son isn't a member. He was meeting with the Anziani in the past but then something happened and now he says he's Athiest. So we talked about faith with them. It was a good lesson. Hopefully we can help him start to meet with the Anziani again! 

Yesterday morning we were just trying to do passbys because we didn't have an appointment and one of the ladies was actually home! She was too busy to see us, but we set up another appointment with her. Then we decided to try casa in the building! And this time 3 people actually answered their doors and were somewhat interested! Usually people say, "aw, non mi interessa." or just "no. no." and shut the door. Sometimes people don't even open the door. Always people yell from behind the door "Chi e?" or who is it before they open it. But this time we actually had people interested! 

Then later that evening we met with Dalia and her Mom. They are investigators who Sorella Russell met with her last companion. But this was only the second lesson with them. They actually came to church on Sunday! And loved it!! and then yesterday we set a baptism date with them for September 19! They are loving the Book of Mormon and what we teach them! They are from Cuba and are super sweet! Right now Dalia is looking for work since her work is going to end soon... But I know that the gospel will bless her life! 

That was my week! Also full of heat, humidity, heat, laughing, gelato,heat, walking up the hills of Genova, talking to crazy old Italians, heat, and seeing miracles!

I just love missionary work and I'm so grateful I can serve the people here in Italy! 
Vi voglio bene!!!
Sorella Dixon


Straight from Sorella Dixon's camera!!

" Genova... holy camoly it is SOO hot and humid! But still not as hot as Milano! Crazy!
We ask people how they are and they always say bad. Because of the heat! People say it has been YEARS since it has been this hot.. great! I'm glad I get to be here to experience the hottest year in who knows how many years! ;) I constantly feel wet... and when I'm ready for bed I am still sweating. I have no idea how Jess survived in worse than this!! But I guess you just have to get used to it...and continue forward anyway! :)"
Sorella Dixon and Sorella Russell

"Just a building in Genova"

"Eating Focaccia. Delish!"

"The view from our balcony"

"Spending a day as a three-some"

From Milano--Giovanna and Gaia

From Milano--Nancy and the Ramos family

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