Thursday, November 12, 2015

Tender Mercies are Real

Cari Tutti!

We had a great week this week! :D Let me tell you about some of my
favorite things that happened!

So Thursday night we had an FHE with the Alvarado family. They are a
family from Ecuador and have been less active for awhile. Except one
daughter who is 17 who comes every week. When I first got to Genova
the Anziani were working with them and would see them every once in
awhile. Well, about a month ago they asked us if we would try to see
them since they live closer to us and they have only been able to see
them when they passby. So we tried passing by one night and had a
really good conversation/lesson with the mom. We then set up an FHE
for every Thursday with them. So now every thursday we see them. The
first two they kind of forgot we were coming but we were still able to
do it, but this week they remembered and were preparing pizza when we
came! We had a little lesson in the kitchen while the pizzas cooked
and talked about the Restoration. It was great. And then afterward we
were talking and laughing a ton! It was one of the funnest nights I've
had! We talked about them coming to church and they actually said they
would! If we came in the morning. So that's what we did. Sunday
morning at 7:30 we went to their house as a wake up call. The dad let
us in and told us to sing while he went and woke everyone up. So we
sat in the living room singing hymns for about 45 minutes while they
woke up and got ready! They all got ready and we barely made it on the
bus! They came to church and it was great! I think the members were
really happy to see them there too because so many of them were
talking to them. :)

Saturday was another great day! That morning we saw Edith. Let me tell
you about her. About 3 weeks ago we had scambio and during that
scambio I talked to Edith on the bus. I found out she was a Jehovah's
Witness, but we were still able to switch numbers. So we had her
number in the phone and it wasn't until last week that I thought to
call her. We were actually at a bus station when I got the random
thought to try calling her so we did and set up an appointment. We
decided to meet at a certain bus stop in Sestri. We went there
Saturday morning and waited a few minutes before she came walking
around the corner. It turns out that she had decided to take a
different bus to go downtown unless she saw us. Well, we walked by her
bus and she saw us. She didn't want to get off because she already had
a seat and everything but something told her to get off. And then she
came rushing up the street to where we were. We were able to meet with
her in the church and give her a church tour and then we had a great
lesson about the restoration. She told us how she had been so confused
her whole life about religion because she has had sooooo many
different religions in her life. Her dad being JW, her mom Catholic I
think, and then a bunch of her family different religions, most of
them different ones in Africa. She's from Nigeria and speaks English,
Italian, and a little french. She is baptized Jehovah's Witness but
doesn't really practice. She only goes to go church every so often and
that's usually a Catholic church but she never fully likes it.
She is so cute! We were talking about the spirit and asked her how she
felt when she was with us and in the church and she said tranquil,
relaxed, peaceful and we told that was the spirit and she was like "It
IS?!" and was so happy. And then she was excited when we gave her a
Book of Mormon. We invited her to church the next day, and guess what?
SHE CAME!! :D We introduced her to a bunch of members and she just
loved it! She said she's going to bring her son next time and her
husband when he gets home in January. I'm so excited to keep teaching

Later that day we saw Denise who we're teaching English and slowly
introducing the gospel to. She is so fun! We've been able to laugh a
lot together and have a good time. This time we gave her a Book of
Mormon and she said she would read it. She even had a few questions
about our church so that was great!

After our normal English class that day Maria Jose was like, "I don't
know what to do now. I'm just at home alone." So we were like "you can
come with us if you want!" and she did! We had a lesson with Talia
that evening so she was able to come with us! It was so fun! Maria
Jose is just adorable! I love her! I think she thinks we're crazy...
but we make her laugh. We had a great lesson with Talia about faith
and the word of wisdom and Maria Jose was able to bear great
testimony. Talia had started smoking again after 7 years because of
all the stress she has right now--no job and looking for one and
having to move. But she wants to stop and said she really will. She's
done good so far! And she came to church the next day!! :D
That night Maria Jose sent us the cutest text. She said: "Grazie a
voi, per portarmi sempre pace, luce e felicita. Siete speciali e
troppo PAZZE ed anche divertenti!!!! Grazie per tutto cio che fatte.
Vi voglio un sacco di bene. Grazie mile e buona notte!!" or Thank You
for always bringing me peace, light and happiness. You are both
special and too crazy and also fun!!!! Thanks for all that you do. I
love you a bunch. Thanks so much and good night!

So Sunday was a great day! We were able to do a musical number in
church which was great and so many people came to church! Not only the
Alvarado family, Talia, and Edith, but also Chiara, Elizabetha, and
Georgina! We were able to see Georgina last week and then Saturday
night she asked if she could come to church with us! We were in Genova
2 this week which is the one furthest away from her house, but she
still came! She is in contact with an elder who made a huge difference
in her life this past year and he has been a huge influence in her
wanting to meet with us again and coming to church. I hope I'll be
able to stay in contact with those I love here so I can continue to
help them after my mission!

Well, those are some of the great experiences I had this week :) I just
want to end with one thought:

"Surely the thing God enjoys most about being God is the thrill of
being merciful, especially to those who don’t expect it and often feel
they don’t deserve it." -Jeffrey R. Holland
Throughout the Book of Mormon a HUGE theme is how merciful the Lord is
to the people. That's what it is really--it starts out with Nephi
saying that he will show how the tender mercies of the Lord are over
all his people. It has been such a special experience to really see
that in the Book of Mormon as I have studied about Christ. And I can
see His tender mercies in my life more and know that He is always
there. I know that he leads and guides us. This is truly HIS work and
I'm so grateful I an be a part of it. I know He is preparing people
and we get to be the instruments in His hands who helps these people
really know the truth.

Vi voglio un mondo di bene!!
Sorella Dixon

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