Wednesday, November 25, 2015

God Shall Wipe Away All Tears!

Cari Tutti!

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving tomorrow! :D There's always
soooo much to be grateful for!

This week on Monday we were able to
have a Thanksgiving meal made by the Roses, the senior couple in our
area. And it was delicious!

Genova is going great! Last Thursday we saw Sorella Papallo. And that
was fun. She leaves next week for Brazil, so we're hoping we can see
her one last time before she leaves. She's going there for Christmas.
We also saw Monica, who is so cute. We had to have a pretty quick
lesson with her because we had to go to another appointment, so when
we said we had to go she looked worried and said she had made us a
pizza! She just hadn't cooked it yet... so asked if we could come back
later. So we figured out a time squeezed between appointments and
left. Well on our way to our next appointment, we called and she said
that she had forgotten and wasn't at home and set up another time. We
then had to decide to go back to Monica or try a few other people. We
decided to go passby a few people that we have been wanting to since
they were in that area. No one was home, but as we were walking away
from Francesca's house her mom, Veronica passed by us! So we went back
since she was going home and found her outside the apartment locked
out. No one was home and she didn't have a key. She didn't know when
they would be home, so we ended up reading the Book of Mormon with her
right there on the steps. That was a little miracle :) then the rest of
the family came home and we got to meet her husband. After that we
rushed to Monica to get the pizza then rushed to the Alvarado's for an
FHE. It was so great.

Friday we were able to see Georgina and had a great lesson with her.
She has now decided that she DOES want to quick smoking. And she has
been smoking less and less! The reason she has been smoking is because
she has used it as an out. She has had sooo many hard things in her
life. She has had a lot of hurt and has painful memories of the past.
So by smoking she has tried to escape that. We are trying to help her
to use the Atonement and Christ to help ease the pain, instead of
cigarettes. I know that Christ will be able to help and lift her if
she really applies it. This week as I was studying I came across a
beautiful scripture and we were able to send it to her. It's "And God
shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more
death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more
pain: for the former things are passed away." -Revelation 21:4

This week we had a powerful lesson with Elizabetha and Chiara. We were
able to get Sorella Moreschi to come as well and it was so great. When
I first started teaching them, it was mainly just for Chiara because
she was the one who was thinking about being baptized and wanted to go
to church and everything. Elizabetha just went to church because
Chiara asked if they could. Elizabetha would have us over thinking the
lesson were just for Chiara, but really they have been for both of
them all along. :)  Elizabetha told us the differences she feels in
"her husband's church" and "her church." That's how she would
distinguish the two to her kids. She loves how in ours it's like a
family. Everyone knows eachother and you feel the love. She said that
she doesn't really have the desire to go to her church anymore.. she
likes ours. Now whenever she says to her son "let's go to church" He
doesn't ask which one. He just automatically goes to ours! He's so
cute! He's five and is such a busy boy! But he is adorable and gives
the cutest hugs! And he loves coming to church! She also talked about
some of the hard things that have happened in her life--especially
when a dear friend passed away. God is so loving and so merciful and
has provided us with a knowledge of the Savior who can wipe away our
tears and comfort us. We are so fortunate to have the restored gospel
and know that we will see our loved ones again.

Also Friday and Saturday we had a scambio and I got to go to Savona
with Sorella Friedbaum! This was the first time Sorella Goethals would
have to lead the city without me.... and she did great! We all had a
great scambio! I love the sisters here! We ended up running a ways to
make it to the train. I have a strong testimony on running for trains.
Heavenly Father really helps us make it-- every time. :)

Last weekend we had "Meet the Mormon"showings in Italian and it was
also online on Youtube for free for a few days. We were able to watch
it with people and they loved it!  We also had a great Zone Conference
on Monday and learned sooo much! That's when we had the Thanksgiving
dinner :) We talked a lot about using our Ipads in finding, teaching,
and receiving referrals. We have been using them so much more and I
love it! They are such good teaching tools! I'm so grateful for the tips
and ideas they gave us. I love how they said that we can all find
people the conventional way, it still works. But God is hastening His
work, therefore we should, too. We have these tools for a reason and we
can use them to see miracles! After the conference we were on our way
to an appointment and I prayed for an opportunity to talk to someone
and use my iPad like I had just been taught. And I was able to talk to
a lady from Ecuador on the bus and share a scripture with her in
Spanish and then explain the Book of Mormon and Bible using a picture
we have been given. It was really neat!
Well, that's all I have time for today! So much more happened, but
there's never enough time!

Vi voglio un mondo di bene!
Sorella Dixon

Sorella Papallo



Christmas decorations!

"The baptismal font in the Savona Church"

Zone Conference

Zone Conference

At the train station


Cobblestone crosswalk: the white stones are
not painted.

Christmas lights

Christmas lights with the sister training leaders

Scambio with Sorella Friedbaum

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