Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A Savior is Born

Cari Tutti,
Happy December! Christmas is in the air! Wahoo! Today we were passing
the big piazza in Centro and they were putting up a HUGE Christmas
tree! I love it! There are lights getting put up everyday. So fun! 
The only thing missing is snow haha ;) It doesn't really feel like it
should be December yet, but time just flies! I am so ready for
Christmas though! The church has put out an amazing video that I'm
sure you have all seen, but if not, make sure you watch it and share
it with everyone! It's called "A Savior is Born". So beautiful. We have
been sharing it with everyone and I still can't get enough of it :)
So last Wednesday evening we had planned to see Edith before English
class. We were going to go to her house but as we were heading there
we knew that we wouldn't have time for a good lesson at her house and
then be on time for English class. And the Anziani wouldn't be there
for English class so we had to go. We tried to call her to see if she
could come to the church but she was in the middle of making dinner
and it wasn't working out. We decided to just go for a few minutes
anyway but I was praying in my head for a way to make everything work
and then all of a sudden she called and said she actually could come
to the church and would meet us there a half an hour before English.
YAY! Prayers answered! We had a great lesson with her! We were also
able to see her a few more times this week and she is doing great!

This last Sunday we had stake conference and she LOVED it! She took
notes and everything. She has loved everything that we have taught
her. A couple times ago she told us about the experience of her
brother being killed. She has 9 siblings and has lost 2 of them. About
2 years ago one of her brothers was killed by some men who worked
where he worked. She absolutely LOVED this brother and told us that he
was amazing. Everyone in the town loved him. He was close to God and
people loved to hear him preach. He served with all his heart and was
ready to do anything for anyone. Edith had such a hard time when she
found out what happened. She has a hard time forgiving those men. When
she first found out she wanted to take revenge on them and do the same
thing to them they did to her brother. Now she prays to be able to
forgive them. We had a great lesson with her about Christ and the
Atonement and I know that with the help of Christ she will be able to.
I know the burden and hurt will be lifted off of her. We could already
see a difference in the lesson. She was talking about the men and 
how horrible they are and she was just so angry and down. But then
Sorella Goethals asked her what would Donad, her brother, say to her
if he were here today. And she said "forgive them",and she was
completely different. She was happier and more peaceful. It's hard to
forgive others who have done such horrible things, but when we look to
Christ and think of Him and the Atonement, He
will help us and lift us.
Sorella Goethals, Edith, and Sorella Dixon

Last Thursday we talked to a lady, Lucia, at the bus stop. I actually
started the conversation by complimenting her on her ring. At first it
kind of turned into telling her about English class and she was so
excited to hear about a free English class, but then we got into the
gospel and gave her a Restoration pamphlet. She was interested and
invited us over to talk over coffee sometime... after the shock that
we don't drink coffee, or tea.. we all agreed to hot chocolate! We
were able to see her on Monday, without hot chocolate because she
wasn't able to buy some, haha, but with some really good chamomile. She
had read the pamphlet and had lots of great questions! I'm so excited
to see her again to teach her more! She is actually from Genova, so
that's pretty neat!

Friday we saw Georgina, Talia, and had a great Serata Familiare with
the Minan family! Georgina has agreed not to smoke for the whole week!
So we are praying for her and hope she can really do it!
So on Saturday we had English class and so many people came. Our
English class has been growing so much! We have a bunch of new ladies
that have been coming and they love the spiritual thoughts that we
give at the end of the lessons. Then on Saturday a bunch of them were
asking great questions after the class and then took a bunch of
pamphlets and stuff that we have on a table in the main area. It was
so great! I love English class here! It is such a great way for
missionary work!

Sunday evening we had a great time with Chiara, Elizabetha, and
Davide. It was so cute because Davide prayed for us! This was the
first time! Well, for us at least! Elizabetha has said that he has
started saying the prayers and loves it. And he just knows how to. He
doesn't do the cross anymore, like they used to pray because that's
how Elizabetha always taught them. It was kind of a scattered lesson
because of the new kitchen and things everywhere... but it was still
good. Also on Sunday we had a great Stake conference and the stake
president gave two questions for everyone to think about that I want
to give you. He said to really ask these sincerely and prayerfully and
to keep asking them until there is no response:
"Heavenly Father, what do I need to stop doing that is not good?" and
"Heavenly Father what am I not doing that I need to start to do?"

Monday we had a great District meeting about teaching and I'm really
trying to improve my teaching skills. It's so amazing to be able to
feel the spirit direct you in a lesson and feel the spirit testify
through you. We have also been able to use the iPads better during
lessons and have had great lessons with pictures that we can show,
videos, scriptures, and quotes. We truly are blessed to have these
instruments to use!

Well, I hope everyone is enjoying this Christmas month and is getting
ready for Christmas! Enjoy this amazing time to think, talk, and
rejoice about Christ! He is our Savior, and he was born for an amazing

Vi voglio un sacco di bene!

Working with Sofia, a recent convert. She helps the sorelle
do missionary work.

Sorella Dixon and Sorella Goethals

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