Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Goodbye Genova

Cari Tutti!
Saturday we got transfer calls and I will be going to Bologna!!
(pronounced bolo-ny-uh so kind of like the lunch meat but with "uh" at
the end haha) I'm pretty excited :) It is straight east from Genova
and that's all I really know about it. Although I have heard that it
is pretty and that the food is really good. So hopefully I learn lots
of great recipes!

We leave tomorrow. Sorella Goethals is also getting transferred and
will be going to Lugano! In switzerland. It was pretty funny because I
thought for sure she was staying here and I'd be leaving, but several
times she would say, "I just feel like I'm going to Lugano!" and she
didn't really want to because it will be cold there, and then we got
the transfer call, and when he said she would be going to Lugano we
both thought he was joking. Nope! We're getting white washed! So we
have been trying to make sure that everything is ready AND saying
goodbye to everyone this week! It has been crazy! I'm excited for the
new sorelle who are coming in though. It's Sorella Pulli (my MTC
comp!) And Sorella Jones (a sorella I've met before and who is super sweet
:) They will be great here and will love Genova!

So, last Wednesday before English class we had some extra time so we
decided to passby a certain member. She wasn't home, but her mom was.
She is the cutest old lady from Ecuador who doesn't speak Italian at
all. But she loves missionaries and had us come in. It was amazing
because even though she only spoke Spanish I was able to understand
most of it! She did speak slow for us, but it's pretty neat how
similar the two languages are. There have been a lot of times where
I've been able to understand at least the gist of what South Americans
are saying when they speak. Usually it's half Italian half Spanish

Thursday we were able to see Monica. We have really been trying to get
her to pray on her own throughout the week. She always says she will,
but then she chooses not to. We had a great lesson about prayer with her
and then on Monday when we asked her how the week went, and if she
prayed... she actually did! So we were happy about that :) We also saw
Edith and then had to rush to the FHE with the Alvarados. Those were
both so great like usual :)

On Friday we planned on seeing Mayra before she left for Ecuador, but
she wasn't home... so we ended up doing some parco and sharing "A
Savior is Born"with some people. I just love talking to people about
Christ. And it's so great during this time because a lot of people are
thinking about Christmas and Christ. Then we went back to try Mayra
one more time and she still wasn't home. But her sister who lives just
below her was! Kerly! We haven't been able to see her in awhile so
that was so great! She has been reading the Book of Mormon, and we were
able to answer a lot of her questions that she had from last time.
Saturday we got transfer calls :) We saw Denise, who we teach English
for the last time, and later that evening we visited Cate to tell her
the news. She was sad that Sorella Goethals was leaving because she's
dutch and Cate is part dutch. She speaks Afrikaans and they can
understand each other! When we went there she was setting up the table
all nice and she said that the Gintings were coming with pizzas... And
of course when they came up they made us eat pizzas with them! It's a
good thing they had a car so we could make it home in time!

Sunday was our last day in church. We went to Genova 2 and had a nice
fast and testimony meeting. We were planning on having lunch with
Sorella Serra, but she had to cancel because she was sick. But that's
ok! We were able to see Talia and Elizabeth and Chiara that night :)
We also saw Sorella Arcos! Who we  have't seen in a long time! We
were going to a girl who lives above them but she ended up not being
home so we just randomly decided to try Sorella Arcos and she was
home! Miracle! With Elizabeth and Chiara we had a really great lesson
and really tried to figure out what was blocking Elizabeth for
baptism. We have tried several times to set a bap date, but she
doesn't want to. She says she wants to get baptized, but is scared
about a bap date. She LOVES the temple and the idea of being sealed
with her family forever, but she just doesn't want to commit to
baptism yet. It has been kind of frustrating on our end because we
have talked to her about it and have mentioned so many things. But at
the same time, it has been amazing the see the progression she has had
so far. And I know that she is being prepared piano piano to take her
family to the temple some day. I'm sad I have to leave them and can't
see them progress more, but I know that the other Sorelle will take
care of them and will help her in the way she needs it.

Monday night we had an amazing FHE with the Chunga's (a member family)
and Edith and Robert! It was soo fun! Members are amazing! And I just
love the Chunga's! Mamma Mia! Fratello Chunga can be so spiritual and
serious but then right after he can play the biggest joke! After the
lesson he said he has a science experiment that he wanted to show us,
then he asked if he could use one of Sorella Goethals hairs. So he
took one, then filled a plate with water and put it on the table. Then
he had us all gather close to it as he put the hair on the water and
said to watch closely. Then all of a sudden he slapped the plate of
water with his hand and it sprayed all over our faces!! haha we were
all laughing so hard! So there ya go, there's a nice "science
experiment" you can show people ;)

Yesterday we were running around everywhere seeing people for the last
time and saying goodbyes. It was a full day. But it was good. I just
love so many people here!

Genova has been such a great place to serve. I have grown and learned
so much and I have met so many amazing people, member and non member.
But going to Bologna will be so great. I'm excited for a change and a
chance to see a new place and meet and work with new people!
Well, have a great week! Think about, talk about, and rejoice in Christ everyday!
Vi voglio bene!
Sorella dixon

Since Sorella Dixon didn't send photos this time, I thought I would share pictures from the day she received her endowment in the Bountiful Temple, December 13, 2014. It's almost been a year--a year of incredible blessings. Far too many to list.

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