Thursday, December 31, 2015

Buon Anno (Good Year)

Cari Tutti!

This last week we were able to spend a lot of time with a bunch of
families! I loved it!! And of course the best was when I got to skype
home to see my family!! Soo so great!! You are all so amazing. :D
Christmas evening we spent with the Bishop's family and had a great
dinner! Which included meat, cheese, olives, tortellini, lasagna,
meat, potatoes, lentils, and dessert. A real Italian Christmas dinner.
Here they call it a Cenone. Which means a big dinner. Cena means dinner
and if you add one at the end it means its bigger. It's actually in
the dictionary ;) haha. They even hand made the tortellini.

On Saturday it was mostly just doing parco and trying to talk to
people. We were going to try to see the Romanian family but then we
realized that the bus that we would take to get to them doesn't take
that route on the weekends... and it was way too far away to walk....
so weren't able to see them Saturday. But we did end up talking to a
man on the bus named Erickson. He is from the Philippines and when he
saw us he said," Mormons"? and then laughed a little. We said yep and
talked to  him a bit. It turns out he had a Book of Mormon but it was
in the Philippines. So we offered to bring him one and talk more. We
were able to see him Monday. He has a wife here and we thought she
would be home, but she wasn't. And we can't go in the house without a
woman there... so we had to tell him that and then ended up having a
lesson right there at the door. He got little chairs and we sat on
them with the door open. You should've seen the looks the neighbors
across the hall were giving us as they came home haha!! All just on
chairs with our coats on because the hall is really cold. But it
turned out to be a really good lesson! We taught the restoration and
explained a lot of things he had heard about us. He accepted the
invitation to be baptized! So we really hope things will continue to
go well with him. He has had so many life experiences and has a lot of
faith. He knows the Bible really well and has been searching for the
truth. In fact we asked him how can we know which church is true if
there are SO many and he was like, that's what I have been trying to
figure out!! His name is Erickson and I believe that God put him right
there in our path.

Sunday we were trying to see people after church and we decided to
passby a less active named Giovanna that Sorella Russell has seen a
few times. We had an appointment with her a few weeks ago but she
cancelled. So we decided to
just passby instead. And it was just what she needed. We had planned
to talk about the Book of Mormon with her and really bore testimony of
how it could help her everyday. Right now she is pretty much taking
care of her parents. Her dad is in the hospital and her mom is sick a
lot. She says that she needs to figure a lot of things out and make
some decisions and we told her the Book of Mormon would be able to
help her. "Feast upon the words of Christ. For behold the words of
Christ will tell you all things what ye should do." I love it when we
are guided to people at the right moment when they need it.

Monday we were able to see the Romanian family again!! Corina, Ovidio,
and Samuel at least. And it was amazing. We watched the Restoration
video with them this time. Luckily they had a DVD player but they
didn't have a remote.... how were were going to change the language?
They pushed a few buttons and the movie started playing and it was in
Italian!! Then we stopped it so we could say a prayer and then when
they started it it was in English.... oh no! So then they tried again
and it was in English. Sorella Russell and I were both praying for a
miracle. For the video to be in Italian or Romanian. Either one. As
long as they could understand it! and it worked! It switched to
Italian again! Don't ask me how. Miracles. Afterward we had a really
good discussion. The spirit was so strong. When we asked them to pray
about Joseph Smith, Samuel was just like, ever since you told us about
him last week I already believed. And Ovidio said last week before we
came they didn't have light in the living room because they weren't
able to get a light bulb. But then we came and we were "two angels"
who lit up the place. And the next day they were finally able to get a
light for the living room. They are the most humble people, yet so
loving and giving. They have so much faith in Christ. We were able to
share how we were guided to them because Heavenly Father loves them
soo much and wants them to have the blessings that come from the
gospel in their life. I loved being with them. I already Love them soo
sooo much!!

At the beginning of this transfer I told Sorella Russell we needed to
pray for a family because I did that in Genova and we found Edith. And
God has already blessed us with this beautiful family! They are so
cute, when we ask when we can come back they say "Whenever! Whenever
you have nothing to do, just come over!"

I just love being a missionary! And being able to see how God guides
you to those who are ready. This really is His work and we just get to
be blessed to share this great message to His children. We are so
blessed to be able to feel the spirit when we testify and see how much
He blesses others and also US! He blesses us with so much love for His
children. So much I don't think I can keep it all in! I know I'm in
Bologna for a reason. There are people to find and teach.

I hope you all have a Happy New year!!
vi voglio bene! :D
Sorella Dixon

Eating pizza in Bologna

"Our decorated Door for Christmas"

"Christmas morning"

Christmas lunch with the Palmeiri's

"Christmas dinner with our Bishop and family"

Homemade tortellini

Homemade lasagne

Meat, lentils and potatoes

"We climbed one of the Towers today. Here is the view..."

"A pretty church we went to today"
A nativity inside

"A street in Bologna"

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