Wednesday, December 16, 2015

I made it to Bologna, and it is Gorgeous!!

Cari Tutti!

I hope everyone is having a great December! Looks and sounds like it's
very cold and Christmasy! I love it :) Only 9 more days til Christmas!
Pretty crazy! But that means 9 more days of talking about the birth of
Christ with EVERYONE!!

So last Thursday was transfer day..... it's always pretty long and
exhausting. Especially when everyone you are traveling with has 3
suitcases... haha but tender mercy, the train station had elevators!
and when we didn't have elevators people were pretty nice to help us
carry the suitcases up the stairs.

So, I made it to Bologna without any problems!! Bologna is GORGEOUS!!!
Genova was pretty, but Bologna is just something else. It is veeeery
old, but very well kept so it's the beautiful antique look. It is also
very clean!! yay! For Christmas there are lights everywhere along the
streets and huge Christmas trees decorated in Centro and also some
other places. We get around on buses. The bus system will take me
awhile to figure out here. In Genova it was easy because it was a
line. Here it's a circle and the buses take weird routes that change
on different days. Crazy! So I get to keep doing bus finding!
Sometimes it's a little exhausting, but really it is a great way to
talk to people because they are already sitting and have nothing
 else to do. :) We have been talking about the E nato un
Salvatore video with about everyone so that's pretty fun!

My new companion is Sorella Russell, and she is from Canada. She is one
transfer ahead of me and speaks Italian really well. She is sweet.
Very quiet, but nice. We work really well together actually. I think
it will be a great transfer!
She had been here for 4 weeks so we are kind of learning the city
together. We have done a lot of passbys and finding. We had a neat
miracle on Saturday where we were doing some parco and saw a lady with
a very energetic dog that was pretty cute. We saw her as we were
making some calls and didn't get the chance to talk to her. But later
we were doing some casa and were at a gate to some apartment
buildings. Then she walked up because she was coming home and lived
there! We started talking to her. It was actually kind of funny
because we rang someone's house, and they just looked out the window and
said "che e?" after we said who we were, or probably after we got Gesu
Cristo out she said she wasn't interested and that we should leave if
we weren't looking for anyone in specific. We just rang other people
and then this lady with the dog came up. The lady at the window told
her to tell us to leave so she asked who we were here for and we just
said that we talk to everyone. She asked us if we were looking for
anyone specific and we said, no, but then she was curious as to who
we were, so invited us in the gate to talk and it actually turned out
really well. She's pretty interested in what we believe so we'll
hopefully get to see her again!

There is a university here in Bologna so we see students EVERYWHERE! I
love it :) It reminds me of college. We are actually doing emails in
the library right now. We have gotten to talk to some students so
that's fun. I'm not used to doing finding with so many people my age
or a little older.

The ward here is great, and I'm so excited to get to know them more and
work with them! Tonight we actually have correlation with our ward
mission leader! And he seems really great.
There are a few investigators here. One is Chiara. She is veeery
Catholic and has been investigating off and on for the last 10ish
years. She is super sweet and actually has great questions. So
hopefully we can clear things up that she has problems with and then
really help her recognize the spirito santo and gain a testimony for
herself. We were able to help her around her house yesterday and then
had a great lesson.
Well, I have to go! but Have a great week! And 9 days before Christmas!!

Buon Natale and Vi voglio un MONDO di bene( translated---"I love you so much")
Sorella Dixon

"On the train"

Sorella Russell and Sorella Dixon in Bologna

A Christmas Market!

"The Duomo in Bologna. They only half finished it. 
They didn't get to put the Marble on the top part because apparently when it was being built
 the Vatican needed money so they had to stop the Duomo in Bologna."

"The Two Towers: a popular site in Centro Bologna"

"Pretty sites in Bologna"

Santa is sneaky!

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
"Isn't it Cute?"

Another view of the Church.

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