Thursday, April 21, 2016

Dio risponde alle preghiere. Sempre. (God Answers Prayers. Always.)

 Cari Tutti!

I hope everyone had a great week! This week just flew! I heard about
the snow there, that's crazy! Here it is as sunny as ever and just
gets warmer and warmer!

Aww man... I miss that wrinkle nose beautiful smile!!
This week was quite the week. We had some high ups and some very low
downs... But I learned a lot about the Atonement and just how much God
loves each and every one of us. I also saw how his plan is PERFECT and
we just need to have the faith in Him when things don't go how we
think they should. Luckily the downs have come up, so it's not so bad
anymore. There were some really stressful and hard days, but prayer
works MIRACLES! I remember when Anziano Kearon was here he told us to
"stop worrying so much". God loves who we love just as much and MORE
than we do, so he'll take care of them. That's what I had to do. I was
trying to help out in my way, but when I stopped and  prayed to
God to help them and just help me do what He would have me do, I
received the confirmation that He would,  and I just felt peace. I
didn't worry so much, and I know that He gave me the right words at the
right time. Everything is in His hands.
Speaking of hands...
This week I saw a lot of great things through prayer. One evening we
had about an hour before we had to go home. We were trying to find a
person who Sorella Distante found while she served here and she told
us about him when we did Scambio last week. Well, we didn't end up
finding him so we decided to do some casa before we went home. We
didn't feel right on the street we were on, so we decided to pray to
be guided where to go. After we started walking towards a different
street, and then we got the thought to call a lady named Romilia who we
had talked to on the bus awhile ago. We called her and she didn't
answer. Then about a minute later we get a call from a private number
and it's her!  We asked if we could passby her and she actually said
YES! She lives pretty close to where we were so it was perfect! We
went and showed her the halleluia video and had a great conversation
about Christ. She believes in Christ, and when we told her that
the message we bring is about Him and that it will bring peace into
her life, she said she really wants that. She has been wanting peace,
and has been wanting to change. It was so great. I think things will
go really well with her! She is from Peru and has a 7 month old baby!
So cute! I love how God just put us exactly where we were needed at
the right time too! Just that morning another lady from a different
religion came and gave her some religious books... So we will help her
find the truth!

Sunday afternoon we saw a family who we found last week, and it was
quite the lesson..... They are from Egypt...and it was a little tough
because there was a language barrier. We did have a pamphlet in Arabic
though, so that helped. But the husband was so firm in his belief that
all prophets are false. It was hard to help him understand, mostly
because of the language. And unfortunately we didn't have a Book of
Mormon in Arabic to give them, but when we do we will go back! After
that all of our plans fell through and we didn't really know what we
were going to do. It was really weird... But then we got a call from
the Bishop asking us if we could come with him and his family to visit
a family in our ward from Nigeria! Perfect! This family is so cute!
They have 4 kids. 3 boys and a newborn baby girl! :) They came to
Italy a year ago because their situation in Nigeria wasn't that great.
And here, they have been having a hard time... Finding work, learning
the language, and having a good place to live. Right now the husband
and wife are actually separated and the kids live with the mom in a
home for women and children. We are hoping that we can do some service
there. They are so great though. The wife is adorable and always so
positive. She LOVES the church and the members. The Elders have
started doing an Italian class for them and other Nigerians who live
with them, so hopefully that will help.
"Gloria and her kids from Nigeria.

This week we were able to see Sonira!!! She is the lady who we found
doing casa and had a book about Mormons, like about the pioneers and
stuff. We gave her a Book of Mormon last week and then we were able to
see her again and she had great questions. She told us a great story
about how her husband didn't have work, but she told him to put God to
the test. To change something he was doing and pray to find work. So
he prayed and told God that he would stop doing a certain thing if he
gave him before 5 on a certain day. And then that day exactly at 5
they got a call from her father-in-law saying he knew of a job her
husband could have. She also told us other amazing stories that have
happened in her life. She KNOWS God exists and has sooo much faith.

She said she barely has time. She would love to know more, but it will be

hard to see us. So we told her to do what she said to her husband, put
God to the test and ask him to make time for her. And so far he has!!!
Yesterday we were able to do the full restoration and it was amazing.
We went over at 11 and she wasn't there.... So we decided to do some
casa in the area and try about 30-40 minutes later. And she JUST got
home. She got called into work and took her youngest daughter, but
then she was sick and crying and stuff, so she ended up coming home. I
know it's weird to think that her daughter getting sick is a tender
mercy, but I believe it happened so we would be able to see her!

This woman is incredible. She talked sooo much during the lesson, but
understood and loved everything we said. She would say what she
believed and share her concerns and confusion about all the religions
and things going on in the world today, and her beliefs are  the
same as ours. She is sooo prepared for the gospel. I just wanted to
tell her EVERYTHING about the church because I know how much she will
love it!!! She is such a great Mom. She has 3 kids and teaches them
about God and how He blesses us even in the little things. Everyday.
She told us a cute story about her son who opened the fridge and it
was empty and said he really wanted a pizza and a certain candy bar.
Sonira has always taught him to pray for things, so he said, "you know
what I'm going to do? I will pray for a pizza and a candy bar!" And
then went outside and prayed really hard for that pizza and candy bar.
That evening her husband called and said that at work he was given a
little extra money and she said go to the store and get a pizza and a
candy bar for your son! He came home to the son waiting at the door
for the pizza and candy bar because he knew God would answer his
At the end when she gave the prayer it was beautiful and she thanked
God for sending us to tell her things she has been waiting for. I know
we were guided to this amazing family. God truly does prepare people.

Well, I hope you all have a great week! This Saturday we get transfer
calls so we'll see what happens!!!

Always remember: prayers are answered and God is in our life everyday.
Vi voglio tanto bene!
Sorella Dixon
"This is an Indian dress I got from Helena"

"Scambio with Sorella Bowman"

"Lunch with Erika"
Dynamic Duo--what will they do without each other? Sorella Albos goes home
next week. There will now be two Dixon girls who have a part of their hearts in the Philippines.

I just looked at the Italy Milan Mission blog, and found these photos of Savanna.
They were taken in February when she was given a leadership responsibility. She didn't ever mention that to us, but I am thinking that pictures don't lie...right?:) 

February 8, 2016----Mission Leadership Council

Can you find her? :)

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