Wednesday, April 13, 2016

See Them How God Sees Them

Ciao Tutti!

This week was so great! So much happened and I don't think I have time
to even tell you a fraction, but I'll tell you of some great experiences!

Well, first we got to watch some of the Sunday afternoon conference
session since we didn't get to when it was shown because it's too
late, and I absolutely LOVED the talk by Anziano Kearon about
refugees. I love the church's whole new program they are doing for
refugees. I feel like it will have a huge effect in Italy, and Europe
in general. There are so many people who have left their country
coming here with nothing and don't know how to live since they barely
speak the language or have money. We are blessed to be in the homes of
so many of these people. And I LOVE it. They are the most humble
people, so giving and kind, and have sooo much faith in Christ. I love
to see how God prepares the hearts of these humble people.

With that there is some sad news: Corina her husband, Cristina and her
family, and Irena and her husband all got kicked out of their house
this week. We found out when we were seeing Cristina (the other one)
and Maria. They were living in a casa di comune and usually they let
them stay there for several months, but the time was up I guess so
they threw them out. It was devastating. They didn't have anyplace to
go for a few days. Now Corina and Ovidio are going to southern Italy,
Cristina went to Forli, and Irena is at a church. We've still been
able to see her a couple of times when she's randomly at the others'
houses. So that was pretty sad. We are praying for them and know that
God will help them.

Cristina and Maria are doing GREAT! This week we had great lessons
with each of them. We usually go earlier to teach Maria and then
Cristina will come home from work and we'll do a lesson with her. They
actually both talked about baptism this week and how they are
considering it! They have both been against it. Well, not against it
but have seen it as something in the far future... Because they think
they are too young and don't want to end up messing up because they
know that baptism is important. But then Cristina was saying that
there isn't really a big sin she does anyway, so she wouldn't do it
after baptism either. So that was neat. Also, Cristina was praying
about her work since she was worried that she was going to lose it,
and then she got a contract to work until September!! Prayers

Sorella Whiting has been so great and is planning on doing a little
"Sorella Whiting's darling baby"
get together with them and another member in the ward who speaks
Romanian. We're pretty excited and I think this will be great for
Cristina and Maria to feel more included with the members.
We also had an amazing lesson with one of their cousins named Chiara!
We had met her once before at their house and she said we could come
to her house sometime! So this week we went and ended up  talking
to her and showed her the Follow Him animation. She's 13, but SOO
mature for her age. She said she had learned the stuff in the video
before, but never really thought too much about it or gave it
importance... But this time she FELT something! Something she couldn't
describe! So great! We are excited to keep seeing her!

So Gilda is going to Romania this week and will be gone for 4-5

months. We saw her for the last time yesterday. Pretty sad. I think
this will be really good for her though. She'll actually be able to
sit down and read the Book of Mormon without worrying about taking
care of all the people in her house. And she'll be able to buy classes
for really cheap there! I think this will be a good 4-5 months for her
to really grow spiritually. And we're going to try to get the
missionaries to see her in Romania. Even though she lives really far
in the country...

We had some great miracles this week with meeting new people!! There
was a lady I talked to on the bus named Meri who was really
interested. And then when we were doing a Scambio on Monday our
Sorella Albos captured this missionary moment.
appointment got canceled with Erickson (we were able to see him the
next day though and he is doing great! He is reading the Book of
Mormon and loves it. We are really praying for him to be able to find
a way to come to church since he has work Sunday morning. But he
really does want to come so we know miracles will happen!) so we
passed by a lady we met the week before and gave her a Book of Mormon
and she was so excited to get it and was really curious about it! For
some reason she also had a book about the pioneers or something about
the history of our church that she loves to read, so she's excited to
read the Book of Mormon! We should be seeing her tomorrow! And we also
met two other AMAZING families! That we'll be seeing later. So many
new people to teach and help bring to Christ!! I'm so excited!! And
where are most of them from....? Romania! Who knew I would be coming
to Italy to teach and love so many Romanians....?!?! But really, I do
love them!

A thought that Sorella Deem shared with me this week (who was
actually Sorella Swenson's MTC comp... just for an FYI) was about seeing
Sorella Deem
people as God sees them. She said that Sorella Dalton shared how when
she got set apart she got the gift to see people how God sees them
and really says that she does. She said that she saw people for who
they ARE and sees their LIGHT and doesn't pass any judgement. That's
something I'm really trying to do. Is see everyone as a child of God
who He loves! No matter who they are, where they are from, or what
they have done. Everyone deserves to feel that love and to be blessed
by the gospel.

I love this work and I love this gospel. :D

Vi voglio un Sacco di bene! E buona settimana!
Sorella Dixon

"Going out of our area to visit a member"

Web meetings with the mission president!!  Unique use of hymn books!
Sorella Dixon labeled this,
"We wanted a tall tv to webinar with President Dibb."
Sorella Dixon's Romanian friends whom she loves so much!

"On the weekend, Bologna Centro is so crowded
 they just close the streets to cars."

Yummy Filipino food

Just for you Jess! :)

Cute Companions!

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